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Some online lottery websites dazzle and amaze players with how great they are and the services that they offer. Others, however, leave a bad taste in the mouths of countless individuals and make them wonder how they are still in business. In this 150Winners.com review, we will look at this site to see which category it falls into and how it has managed to operate without ever even revealing who is behind its existence.

150Winners.com ReviewHow Does It Work?

To make use of the services on the site, you will need to register a player account using all your pertinent details such as name, email address, contact number, and address. According to many reports online, after you have registered on the site, you will receive a call from a member of 150Winners.com to verify your identity and to complete the activation of your account. There is nothing of this mentioned anywhere on the site though. However, due to the number of reports that claim this is their experience, we are going to assume that this is true.

Once you have registered and confirmed your player account, you will then be able to purchase tickets from the site. According to the website, you will have the option to either purchase single tickets or enter a syndicate with other players. This is the first place where things start to go wrong.

For starters, you will not find any option anywhere on the site that allows you to purchase a single lottery ticket. Instead, only syndicate options are available to be added to your cart. More importantly than this, however, is the fact that in their own terms and conditions the site admits that it does not sell lottery tickets, only the ability to play in syndicates. This is stated as a means to justify the fact that the site is not licensed in any way. This usually may not create such a problem considering the site is only acting as a lotto agent that purchases tickets on behalf of its players. However, the fact that the site still contradicts itself is something that certainly made us pay closer attention.

Looking past this, you can add your chosen syndicate to your cart and then continue to checkout and pay for your order. The website is not entirely clear in its terms and conditions as to whether it actually purchases tickets on your behalf or not. However, considering that they do mention that any prizes will be claimed from the lottery operator, we assume that they do actually purchase physical tickets on your behalf and store them safely.

Is 150Winners.com Legit or a Scam?

No, 150Winners.com is not a legitimate website, in our opinion. For one, the fact that they say one thing and then completely contradict themselves—in their own terms and conditions—already raises massive flags for us. It is more than this, however.

The contact number for the site has been flagged countless times in lottery scams, the site has a genuinely dreadful online reputation, and the fact that nobody has any idea who is behind the site and actually running things is a significant warning sign.

There is no reason that an online lottery website owner should need to hide their identity. There is also even less reason for a site to have to try and justify why it does not have a license when it is merely acting as an agent for the purchase of lottery tickets and not as a lottery betting website (which does need a license since it basically operates in the same fashion as an online casino).

All this added together has given us a bad feeling about this site. If you are insistent on trying it out to see if the syndicates offered can improve your chances of winning, then we would recommend massive amounts of caution. Better yet, we recommend taking a look at some of the other lottery syndicates available online and trying them instead.

150Winners.com Mobile ScreenshotLotteries Available

The website only offers four lotteries—significantly less than almost any other online lottery site worth visiting. Thankfully, these lotteries happen to be some of the biggest lotteries available today and make up for the lack of choice. The available lotteries are as follows:

  • EuroMillions
  • Eurojackpot
  • Mega Millions
  • US Powerball

User Experience

For everything wrong with the site, the design is one aspect that they got right. The site looks modern and makes use of subtle colours that blend together and make the entire website look fairly attractive. However, this is as far as the user experience goes—because the navigation is nothing to write home about.

The site has a top menu bar that allows you to move between Home, My Syndications (which will show you all the syndicates you have joined if you are logged into your account), and Lottery Results. Aside from that, seeing where you are supposed to go and especially adding a syndicate to your cart is not as simple as it should be. In fact, even the footer menu is rather useless and does nothing to make getting around the site any better.

150Winners.com Extras

The only thing that can be considered an extra to this site is the fact that you can view the draw history of the supported lotteries for up to the last 10 draws. These histories are pretty great in that they give you a full breakdown of the winning numbers, the prizes available on each prize tier, and even the number of people that won each tier.

Aside from this, there are no other additional features that the site provides.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

The only payment methods that are accepted by the site are Visa, MasterCard, and Direct Debit. However, it is a condition of joining any syndicate group that your payment must be made by Direct Debit. We are not sure then, why the site supports Visa and MasterCard unless the site allows you to place your direct debit directly onto your debit or credit card (as some sites do).

Withdrawals are also handled using these same providers and can be requested from your online player account. Only amounts over £10 or €10 can be withdrawn, and anything under this amount will have to stay in your digital wallet until you meet the minimum withdrawal requirement. You will also need to submit Know Your Customer documentation (usually your identity document, proof of residence, and proof of banking details) the first time that you request a withdrawal.

How to Claim Your Winnings

As mentioned earlier, it appears that the site will claim all winnings owed to you by the lottery on your behalf. Once this is done and the money is paid over, they will credit your player account with the amount allocated to you by the syndicate.

Customer Support

The site hosts an FAQ section that somewhat answers the main questions that you may have about the services they offer. This section could be better but is also already more useful than some other sites out there. Aside from this, there is an online form that you can submit, a support email address (support@150winners.com), and a support contact number (0151 808 0437) that does not have any hours of operation listed and is the same number that has been linked to so many lottery scams.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

While it is not mentioned anywhere on the site, the terms and conditions of the site do claim that all new players will be entitled to 10 free lines of their chosen lottery during the first draw that they are eligible to play in. These free lines will automatically be played on their behalf. Aside from this, there is no mention of other promotions.

Rules and Regulations

The only condition for joining the site and making use of its syndicate options is that you are 18 years of age or older. However, we assume that a further condition is that you can only use the site if doing so is not illegal in your territory.

150Winners.com Review Conclusion

We love online lottery syndicates. Everything from the fact that they are proven to improve your odds of winning to the fact that they help bring players from around the world together is excellent. However, the syndicates offered by 150Winners.com do nothing to excite us—and that has got nothing to do with the syndicate options available.

The site has raised our eyebrows too many times while reviewing it to allow us to say that you should go and sign up. In fact, while we can’t tell you what to do or where to play, we strongly recommend that you stay away from this website—especially if what other players (who have already been burnt by the site) say has any truth behind it. However, considering the number of complaints, we are going to side with the previous players and quickly delete this site from our memory and return to the many other great lottery sites that exist online.

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Bruce T.

I was tempted to sign up with this site but something about it seemed off to me... Glad I read this review and decided against it. Seems like a scam!

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