Winning Lottery Numbers App Review

There are few things better when reviewing an application than finding one that knows what its purpose is, is easy to use and understand, and looks decent. Winning Lottery Numbers is one of the apps that fits almost perfectly into every one of these criteria. In this Winning Lottery Numbers Android app review, we will see how well the app operates and what makes it tick.

Winning Lottery Numbers ReviewStand-Out Feature

While the name Winning Lottery Numbers might lead some to believe that the app allows you to access the latest winning lottery result numbers, the app is, in fact, nothing more or less than a random number generator.

When we say nothing more or less, we definitively mean nothing more whatsoever, as the only thing that you can do from within the application is generate random number sequences. Luckily, this is done quickly and easily. To start with, you will be tasked with entering in some basic settings that allow the app to know what parameters to use when generating your random number sequences. These parameters include what the starting and ending number should be in the number range, as well as how many numbers you would like to be generated in each sequence.

After many tests, we are pleased to say that the random number algorithm in use by the app is exceptional. In each test the app provided us with a completely unique sequence of numbers and did not in any way seem to follow any logical order or pattern in determining the numbers. This is the most important thing that a random number generator needs to do, and we are seriously impressed by the way this app achieves this.

Winning Lottery Numbers Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

As stated above, Winning Lottery Numbers is an app that knows exactly what it set out to do. It is simply a random number generator and as such does not offer any additional features. While usually we would say that certain features could have been added in if the developers had put in slightly more effort, we do not think this is necessary for this app considering the amount of time that the developers must have spent on the randomization algorithm to get it to the level that it is at.

Location & Lotteries Available

As a number generator, Winning Lottery Numbers does not support any specific lottery.

User Interface & Usability

While the design of Winning Lottery Numbers is not something that will gain it the highest position on our list of the best lottery apps for Android and iOS, for a simple application the design is functional and suits the purposes of the app. Using a dark theme, the app has clearly contrasting text colours and allows you to easily read the contents of the screen and to input data. Another major bonus is the fact that the app performs flawlessly in full-view mode on modern devices. 


With a randomization algorithm of this calibre, we would not be surprised if the developers charged users a small fee for downloading the app from the Google Play Store. Instead, the developers are compensated by selling small ad spaces within the app. These ads take up a small banner section at the top of the screen and are unobtrusive and do not affect the look or usability of the app in any way.

Conclusion – Winning Lottery Numbers Review

Winning Lottery Numbers is an app that surprised us in the best possible way. While we were not expecting anything great from an app that is this inherently simple, we were astounded by the fantastic randomization algorithm that has put many other similar apps that we have tested to shame. If you are looking for an app to generate numbers for your next lottery ticket, then this is the app to download.

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