UK Lotto EuroMillions Live App Review

Many lottery apps try and center themselves around big-name international lotteries in their attempt to stake their claim of the lottery application market. An example of this is UK Lotto EuroMillions Live. In this UK Lotto EuroMillions Live Android app review, we will look at what the app can do and how well it functions in bringing you a convenient lottery experience.

UK Lotto EuroMillions Live ReviewStand-Out Feature

When you first launch the app, it will be clear that its main function is to bring you the latest lottery results of four of the most well-known UK lotteries (listed below). The home screen is divided into four equal sections that each host the results of one of the supported lotteries. The lottery in each section is easily identified by its prominently displayed logo on the left-hand side of your screen.

The results in each section are accompanied by the draw number and draw date of the results. This allows you to instantly see if you are viewing the results for the correct (and latest) draw.

Unnervingly, the home screen also displays a bold notice that the developer does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any of the results displayed—something that should immediately be a given for an app that is built for the sole purpose of bringing you the latest results. Imagine throwing out a winning ticket just because an app like this showed you the incorrect numbers!

Additional Features

UK Lotto EuroMillions Live offers you four additional features. These features are:

  • Results: This function allows you access to the results of draws older than just the most recent draws. As with the results on the home screen, the results are each accompanied by their draw number and date and are limited to the previous 10 draws only. To change which lottery you are viewing the results for, you will need to tap on the logo of the lottery you would like to view. The logos of the supported lotteries are located in a banner at the top of the results screen.
  • Checking: The Checking feature of the app has two distinct functions. The first is to act as a random number generator. By shaking your device or tapping on the flashing banner at the top of your screen, the app will randomly generate a number sequence that can be used to play in your selected lottery. The randomization algorithm that the app uses is relatively good but does not quite stack up against other algorithms used by the top lottery apps for Android and iOS.

Numbers generated by the Checking feature can be checked against the past 10 draws of the selected lottery to see if there are any matches by tapping on the Check button located at the bottom of the screen. Matching numbers are highlighted in bold.

Alternatively, you may manually enter in your own numbers by selecting them from the displayed grid of numbers. These numbers—as with those generated—can then be checked against the previous 10 draws.

You will be able to save any generated or manually entered sequence by tapping on the Save icon located next to Check at the bottom of the screen. This saves these numbers for if you would like to check them against results later.

  • Results Analysis: This feature is pretty basic, and we are not quite sure what its purpose is. When viewing the results analysis, you will see the list of results for the last 10 draws for the selected lottery. On the right-hand side of these results you will see a total column that totals the numbers drawn and tells you the final sum of the numbers. Next to this, the app will tell you whether this total number is an even or odd number. This all seems completely useless to us, so you should probably just ignore it.
  • My Favourite: This tab is where you will find all your saved numbers. Once a number sequence is saved in the Checking section of the app it cannot be edited and can only be deleted from your My Favourites

UK Lotto EuroMillions Live Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

The four lotteries supported by UK Lotto EuroMillions Live include:

  • UK Lotto
  • EuroMillions
  • UK Thunderball
  • UK Lotto Hot Picks

User Interface & Usability

The design of UK Lotto EuroMillions Live is—to be blunt—terrible. Navigation is handled by tabs that are in a bar at the bottom of your screen. However, the text which explains what each tab does is displayed over the icon for that tab and is often unreadable. We put this down to the fact that we don’t think the developer of the app planned on the app running in full-view mode—even though this is natively supported.

The graphics in the app are also decidedly ‘childish’ and make use of bright colours that are distracting and would not be out of place at a circus. Add this to the lack of refinement and the slight lag when switching between features and the app becomes somewhat annoying to use.


Aside from the constant banner ad that is ever-present at the top of your screen, the app also makes use of full-banner ads that occur sporadically when using the app. Mercifully, these can easily be dismissed and do not occur too often.

Conclusion – UK Lotto EuroMillions Live Review

There are many good lottery results apps out there that cosy up to the name of an international lottery to try and help their download stats. Unfortunately, UK Lotto EuroMillions Live is not saved by the big-name lotteries it represents. If the developer can sort out the horrid graphics and user interface, and possibly change the Results Analysis to include something of actual use, then this app may stand a chance. Until then, this is not an app that we would look at twice.

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