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True Random Generator App LogoSelecting random numbers for a lottery draw can easily become a tedious job that leaves players relying on a lottery’s ‘Quick Pick’ randomization more often than not. Some people may not like this option, as it appears to take full control over their choices away from them and gives them a one-time shot at number randomization. However, having an app like True Random Generator is a good alternative for a proper randomization that will never give you the same answer twice. In this True Random Generator Android app review, we will be looking at what features the app has to offer as well as testing how well its randomization algorithm works.

Stand-Out Feature

While not a specified lottery application, True Random Generator has an amazing section titled ‘Lottery Games Pick’. This section allows you to select any of the 19 lottery options and will generate numbers based on the lottery that you have selected. Available options range from Keno and Powerball to country-specific options such as Lotto 6/49 (Canada) and El Gordo (Spain). In testing the app, only 2 out of 50 number generations displayed number sequences that were in any way similar.* This means that the randomization feature is constantly changing so that the algorithm is continuously giving users completely unique combinations—exactly what you should be looking for when choosing a random number generator.

*The test was done with Powerball (USA) as the selected lottery.

True Random Generator ScreenshotAdditional Features

Due to the fact that True Random Generator is not purely a lottery application, it hosts some awesome extra features that should fulfil just about any randomization need.

  • Random Numbers: This section allows you to enter a quantity and range of numbers that the app will then use as a guideline for your number generation. An added bonus to this feature is that you can toggle whether or not you would like repetitions to occur.
  • Strong Passwords: Possibly one of the most handy features in the app, the strong passwords generator allows you to input a maximum and minimum character count, select what character sets are permissible (e.g. ‘A-Z’ and ‘0-9’) and see the generated password strength in percentage format. This is a great feature for creating secure passwords easily and quickly.
  • Dice Rolls: This nifty feature allows users to select how many dice they would like to roll, as well as how many sides each of the die have. It then totals the roll (if more than one die is chosen) and gives you a final count.
  • QR/Barcode Generator: Allowing users to choose from QR Codes to EAN-8 barcodes, this section of the app allows you to input any text or link and then generates an appropriate image for you to share from within the application’s built-in share feature.
  • IBAN: After selecting your country code from a list of 62 available countries, the app will automatically generate a unique IBAN code for you to use. Through our tests we found the randomization to be outstanding, with no two codes coming close to being the same.
  • Generate by Shaking: An extra feature that can be enabled in the preferences menu is ‘generate by shaking.’ While this may seem like just a gimmick to get your attention, the feature is pretty neat and allows you to regenerate numbers simply by shaking your device.

Location & Lotteries Available

As stated, True Random Generator is not specifically for lottery numbers. However, the app does still have a decent list of 19 lotteries that users can choose from. These include popular international lotteries such as US Powerball, Mega Millions, France Lotto, and Oz Powerball. For this reason, True Random Generator could actually be one of the most useful lottery apps for many people.

User Interface & Usability

True Random Generator is about as basic as an Android application can be. It has a severely simple interface that allows you to do exactly what you need to do without having to tap your screen more than three times. The design is sleek and tidy, and its dark theme is easy on the eyes.


While it may sound strange for a completely free app, True Random Generator does not have any ads. The app is totally free of any advertising on any of the screens and does not feature any pop-up ads when navigating between different sections of the application.

The only thing that could be considered even remotely similar to an ad is the ‘Rate Me’ button on the homepage of the app that allows users to rate the app on the Google Play Store.

Conclusion – True Random Generator Review

There are a large number of random number generators available for Android. Some of them offer incredibly suspect algorithms that often generate the same numbers or number sequences. True Random Generator is exactly what its name says it is: a true number generator. It offers a great randomization algorithm as well as some other handy features that make the app a delight to use, even if you are not using it for lottery purposes.

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