Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball App Review

Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball LogoKeeping track of what lottery tickets one has purchased and whether any of them are winners can become a tiresome affair. Luckily, lottery ticket scanner apps for Android and iOS have been developed to take all the hassle out of doing this. One such app, Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball, allows users to not only keep track of all their physical tickets in a neat digital portal, but also offers a range of other features. In this Powerball & Mega Millions Ticket Scanner Android app review, we will be taking a closer look at what these features are and how they work. 

Stand-Out Feature

Clear from its name, the top feature of Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball is the ability to allow users to scan their physical tickets for upcoming draws and store them on their phone. This feature is easy to use and makes use of your device camera to scan the ticket. Once scanned, the ticket is then recorded and stored until the time of the draw*.

After the draw, the app will automatically download the results and check them against all saved tickets. It will then instantly notify users as to whether or not they have a winning ticket.

While this is an awesome feature, there are some drawbacks if the pro version of the app is not purchased. The biggest drawback when using the free version of the app is that users are unable to scan more than 2 lines on any given ticket. While this may not bother you if you never purchase tickets with more than 2 lines, it could quickly become a nuisance if you do.

*While the app does store tickets digitally, users need to still ensure that their physical ticket is kept in safety, as this is what they will use to claim winnings from the lottery operator.

Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball SampleAdditional Features

Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball comes with a good mix of additional features to go with its ticket scanning functionality. These include:

  • Lottery Results: The latest lottery results are easily available from the home screen of the app. Users can also select a previous date to see results from previous draws.
  • Prize Details: The app features neat prize tables that show exactly what users can expect to receive per draw depending on the amount of correct numbers they have selected.
  • Number Generator: There is a built-in number generator for users who are not sure what numbers to select for any upcoming draw. The generator allows you to select how many lines you would like number generation for and then displays you random numbers. The one complaint about this specific feature is that the randomization algorithm does seem slightly off, with the number 14 occurring 6 times out of 10 tests.
  • Statistics: This section of the app shows you the current statistics available for each number in the lottery. These include the amount of times the number has been drawn, when it was last drawn, what numbers are most frequent, and what numbers are most overdue.

Location & Lotteries Available

As may be guessed from its name, the only lotteries available through the app are Powerball and Mega Millions.

User Interface & Usability

The UI of Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball boasts a sleek design with a tidy interface that allows users to easily see where they need to go to find the features that they are looking for. The app is also incredibly responsive, loading the pages almost instantly (with the exception of the results pages, which first sync with the server to ensure that the latest results are displayed).

Another big plus in the app’s favour is its seamless functionality when full view display is enabled on modern smartphones. While some apps lose an amount of stability when this is enabled, Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball scanner works flawlessly.


As stated earlier in this review, Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball does offer a pro version that is purchasable through the Google Play Store. This removes all ads and gives users access to all features of the app. However, as is quite common with most of the best lottery apps, the ads that do occur in the free version are minimal and non-intrusive—the only ad we saw while writing this review was a small ticker ad at the bottom of the screen.

Conclusion – Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball Review

Ticket Scanner for MEGA Millions & Powerball is a great app if you are looking for an all-in-one place to keep track of all your tickets, be alerted if you have won, and make use of some great features. With its snazzy design and responsive operation, this app offers all it says that it will and slightly more.

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