Systems for Pick4 Lottery App Review

Lottery applications abound on the Google Play Store—especially in recent years—and with the number of apps available to lottery players, it makes sense that some will be amazing in every way, while others are definitely not. In this Systems for Pick4 Lottery Android app review, we will see which of these two categories this app falls into and decide where it ranks among the best lottery apps.

Stand-Out Feature

Systems for Pick4 Lottery ReviewThe first mark of a truly great lottery application is something that is very simple and should be easy for developers to attain—the ability for the user to understand what it does at a glance. Understanding what an application does, and for what purpose it was made, is an essential part of being able to actually use the application. Unfortunately, this seems almost impossible for Systems for Pick4 Lottery (further called Pick4 Lottery).

After sitting for hours with the application, reading hundreds of user reviews and comments, and reading the developer write-up on the app, we have come to the conclusion that Pick4 Lottery is an application that is developed to assist you in determining what the next number to be drawn from the lottery will be. But how it actually aids in doing this we honestly have no clue.

When launching the app, you will be greeted by a home screen filled with a variety of mysterious symbols and four rows. Playing with these symbols does not reveal their purpose and left us more confused than when we began. Because of this (and the fact that we truly could not even tell you what the main feature of this app is), let us explain the rest of the app.

Additional Features

Pick4 Lottery uses something that it calls Lottery Systems. These are each represented by one of the mysterious symbols mentioned above. According to the app, these Lottery Systems function in the following way*:

  • System 1: This system generates 35 rows of random draws. These draws are each a collection of four numbers that add up to a number between 1 and 35.
  • System 2 and 3: While these systems do not specify what they do, the app does require that you enter in four numbers that were generated previously by the first system in order to use them. The problem with this is that there is no way to get the app to move a draw result from System 1 into the selection field for System 2. You are also unable to manually enter in the four numbers it requires—attempting to do this will come back with the error No Data Entered. Another thing to note about System 2 and 3 is that they carry a warning that if you attempt to process more than four draws, your device’s processing performance will be severely affected. Of course, exactly why this is or ever could be the case is anybody’s guess.
  • System 4: The fourth system states that it will simply generate a list of random numbers. Again, these random generations are only four numbers each, and no number ever exceeds the value of nine.
  • System 5: System 5 uses the results of five previous System 1 We again ran into the problem of moving the draw results into the selection screen for this system and were greeted with the No Data Entered error.

Each of these systems lead you to a result screen (that is assuming you can manage to get them to work) that displays the results neatly in a list view.

Systems for Pick4 Lottery Android Screenshot*Because none of these ‘systems’ have names, we have numbered them starting in the way that they appear in the application from left to right.

Location & Lotteries Available

There are no lotteries or specific locations that are supported.

User Interface & Usability

Placing the confusing ‘systems’ aside, the interface and design of Pick4 Lottery is also nothing to get excited about. While the gradient blue background is nice to look at, the rest of the app makes use of a horrible reflection effect on each of the selection buttons which make the app look tacky and cheap.

Add to this that there is no real explanation anywhere in the app and no labels on any of the buttons, and the app goes from something that is already not great to something even worse. 


Unbelievably (because of how pointless this app seems to be), there is a prominent ad system in the app. While there are no banner ads present, you will be greeted with full-screen banner ads each time you navigate between the home screen and a generation result screen. Luckily, these are easily dismissed and allow you to continue doing… we are not sure what.

Conclusion – Systems for Pick4 Lottery Review

As mentioned at the start of this review, lottery apps are abundant on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this makes it even harder to understand how an app like Systems for Pick4 Lottery ever made it onto the Play Store in the first place. While to expert users it may be one of the most useful apps available, there is no way for a normal human being to tell this due to the completely useless ‘system’ explanations and horrid user interface. The developer may have had great plans for this app, but they have fallen well short of our standard for what a decent lottery app should be. Therefore, we recommend our readers stay clear of this one at all costs.

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