SuperEnalotto Numbers & Statistics App Review

SuperEnalotto Numbers & Statistics Android ReviewIf you are a regular lottery player, having an app that delivers the latest draw results for your favourite lottery directly to your device is one of the most convenient things you could experience. In this SuperEnalotto Numbers & Statistics Android app review, we will take you through the features of an app that does exactly this and see if it deserves a place among the best lottery apps.

Stand-Out Feature

As the name implies, the app is mainly an app to display the latest draw results. This is done from the default home screen of the app, which displays the latest draw’s results in a neat bar across the screen. These results are topped by the day and date that the draw took place on.

One of the things that the app also does is check your purchased tickets against draws (both past and present) and let you know if you have any winning numbers. We do need to note that since this does not happen on the home screen, there is a slight process involved.

Due to the fact that you do not purchase the tickets through the app, it clearly has no idea which numbers actually appear on your tickets. Therefore, you will need to navigate to the My Numbers tab and enter in the numbers from the ticket that you have purchased. Once you have done this, you will be able to move to the Winnings tab. This tab will use the numbers that you have entered and search the entire database of past draws to see if your numbers appear.

In any instances where your numbers do appear, the draw results will be shown with your numbers highlighted. These draw results, as with the latest results on the home page, are topped by the day of the week and date that the draw took place on.

Additional Features

While we do not really expect any additional features from an app that is very clear from the beginning about its purpose, SuperEnalotto Numbers & Statistics did surprise us with a few extras:

  • Random: Simply put, you press the generate arrow and the app will display a random sequence of numbers that you can then use to purchase a lottery ticket. However, we advise that if you do make use of this function that you do it with caution. When testing, the randomization algorithm used by the app tended to repeat a great deal of numbers and number sequences.
  • Statistics: The app displays a great deal of statistics. These include the basic things such as which numbers are drawn the most frequently, which numbers rarely make an appearance, and which numbers haven’t been drawn for the longest time. In addition to this, the app gives you in-depth statistics on each number such as how many occurrences the number has had over the years.
  • History: Believe it or not, but the app includes a draw history that dates all the way back to 1997! We think this is a truly awesome feature and while not particularly useful in any way, it is fun to take a look at draws from previous years.

Location & Lotteries AvailableSuperEnalotto Numbers & Statistics Android Screenshot

As you may expect from the name of the app, there is only one lottery that is supported by the app: Italy SuperEnalotto.

User Interface & Usability

The app makes use of a simple tab system that allows easy navigation to and from the different feature sections. This understated simplicity resonates in almost every part of the design of the app. With minimal colours and good contrasts, the app makes everything easy to read and pleasing to the eyes.

The app also works well in full-view mode on modern devices and runs smoothly no matter what feature you are making use of.


Unsurprisingly for an app that is as handy as this one as well as free to download, there are ads present in the app. These are, however, unobtrusive and take the form of simple banner ads that are displayed at the bottom of each page within the app. This is less than we were expecting, and we are pleased that the developers did not feel the need to fit in as many ad spaces as they could.

Conclusion – SuperEnalotto Numbers & Statistics Review

As far as lottery result apps go, this is definitely one of the better ones that we have reviewed. With a simple, straight-forward design and a clear purpose, this application makes it a pleasure to check the latest SuperEnalotto draw results.

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