Scratch x Scratch App Review

Scratch x Scratch App ReviewThere are three distinct types of lottery applications available today. Ones that dazzle you with their greatness, ones that are so midrange that you don’t know how to feel about them, and ones that make you question humanity and why you exist in the universe. Unfortunately, for every app that falls into category one, there are three apps that falls into category three. In this Scratch x Scratch – Win Prizes and Redeem Rewards Android app review, we will look at which category this app falls into and how you can use it to win something extra.

Stand-Out Feature

The primary purpose of the app is to provide players with digital scratch cards that they can use to win and collect coins. These coins can then be redeemed for gift cards. Players can play without registering—but it is pointless considering to redeem your coins you will have to register anyway.

There is only one way to register—via Facebook login. While reviewing this app we tried to log in using Facebook more than five times. Each time, after accepting that the app can access our profile on Facebook, we were kicked back to the app without anything being logged in. This was Strike #1 for us.

Once you have logged in, if you actually manage to get that right, you will be presented with a variety of different scratch cards. Each scratch card requires a certain number of tickets to play. You will receive 30 tickets each day that you open the app. These scratch cards are relatively straightforward and function like all other digital scratch cards. Each scratcher holds its own prizes, and you can use your coins to unlock more scratch cards that are locked when you first start using the app.

Additional Features

There are only two extras available on the app:

  • Chests: There is a free chest that is available hourly that will grant you a set amount of free coins. There is also a video chest that will require you to watch an ad video to win some free coins.  
  • Jigsaws: These are scratch cards that require you to collect puzzle pieces in order to unlock them. According to the app, puzzle pieces can be earned by playing the different scratchers available in the game.  

Location & Lotteries Available

There are no lotteries available in the app. The app instead offers different gift cards that can be obtained by redeeming your collected coins. There is only one problem—which was confirmed by user reviews on the Google Play store—there is no visible place to redeem your coins or to even see what gift cards are available. Nowhere on the app does it say what gift cards are on offer or how much they cost. For us, this was Strike #2.

User Interface & Usability

If you look past the horrific adulteration of the English language that is prevalent throughout the app, it could—at first glance—be nice to look at and use. Unfortunately, when glancing for a second time you realise that the app layout is nothing spectacular, the graphics are nothing to write home about, and the overall feel of the app is not great. It is sluggish and slightly delayed—making it very annoying to use when there are so many other lottery applications out there that don’t have these problems.

Scratch x Scratch Android Screenshot

You will, eventually, get the feel of the app and possibly get used to it. However, it is going to take some time and, even then, you may still not really like it very much.


Let us say up front, what we are about to state was Strike #3 for us. We understand that the prizes on offer (which we still can’t find) are paid for by ads. But the number of ads in this app is ridiculous. Video ads appear every time you want to do anything at all in the app. To make matters worse, most times when you dismiss a video ad (after suffering through it) another banner ad will be presented to you. Nothing, not even a gift card that entitles you to an audience with the Queen of England, is worth the torture that these ads will inflict upon you.

Conclusion – Scratch x Scratch Review

We can deal with apps that receive one or two strikes—in fact we see those quite often—but Scratch x Scratch – Win Prizes and Redeem Rewards hit three strikes way too quickly. The only reason we can see that this app has a rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play store must be because the developer is spending some of his ad revenue (which should be substantial considering the number of ads) on bribing people to give fake reviews.

In our humble (and annoyed after encountering this app) opinion, this app is not even worth the few megabytes that it cost us to download. There are many better apps out there that can help you earn or win some extra cash without making you want to be the first person to colonise Mars.

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