Random Number Generator App Review

Random Number Generator (or Random UX) is a randomization application that gives you the ability to create a variety of random sequences with ease. Part of the growing trend of randomization applications available, Random UX offers a wide range of fun features that are easy to use and fun to play with. In this Random Number Generator Android app review, we will see what these features are and how you can use them.

Random Number Generator ReviewStand-Out Feature

Because Random UX is a randomization application, it offers a number of features. However, we will primarily focus on the random number generator, as this is what you would use to generate random number sequences when playing your favourite lottery.

The random number generator allows you to select a variety of options in order to set parameters for your number generation. These include the range that you would like the numbers generated from, the quantity of random numbers that you would like generated, and the delay in which the random sequences are displayed.

Something that the app features (which we think every great randomization application should have) is a no repeat counter. This counter tracks which numbers have been generated from within the range that you have entered and tells you how many unique numbers are left. This ensures that no matter how many sequences you generate, you will not receive the same number twice. You can toggle this feature on and off depending on when you need it.

The randomization algorithm that the app uses is one of the best that we have seen and, due to the no repeat counter, ensures that each time you generate a new sequence it is completely different from the previous one. That being said, even with this feature turned off the app still did a good job of not repeating numbers.

Additional Features

Random UX also gives you a variety of other fun randomization features to play with. These are: 

  • List: This feature allows you to enter in whatever values you would like to arrange into a list form. It then randomly selects options from that list and displays them.
  • Random Answer: This is a fun feature that allows you to enter in a list of random answers. The app comes with 22 pre-set answers that greatly resemble the old ‘magic 8-ball’ toy that was once popular for decision making.
  • Dice: As with most random generators, Random UX also features a dice rolling simulator. However, you can also customize how many dice you would like to be ‘rolled’ at one time. One thing to mention about this feature is that, while the randomization algorithm works well for all the rest of the features in the app, it does seem slightly slow when using the dice feature. This causes you to often have the same dice roll occur right after another.
  • Cast Lots: If you have ever wanted to see who can draw the shortest straw, then you should be familiar with casting lots. In this feature, the app displays a grid of nine different coloured tiles, and behind one of the tiles is a mark. It is guesswork to try and discover where the mark is hidden. These settings are also completely customizable, and you can amend them as you need.
  • Coin: This cool feature allows you to swipe up from the bottom of your screen in order to flip a bright digital coin. The animations in this are really great and the randomization between heads and tails is also quite impressive.

Random Number Generator Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As expected, there are no supported lotteries available in Random UX, but the numbers that the app generates can certainly be used for whatever lottery you are planning on playing.

User Interface & Usability

The look of Random UX is great. While the default theme is not dark (as is becoming increasingly popular), the light blues, whites, and greys work well to bring you a pleasing aesthetic experience overall. 

The app navigation is also fluid and responsive, with all the features having their own dedicated tile on the homepage from where you can navigate to them. When using the app in full-view mode, we didn’t come across any of the types of glitches that we found in several other apps. 

There is also a bonus option which allows you to change the UI theme of the app from the settings menu found at the top right side of the screen. This feature, unfortunately, is only available if you have purchased the premium version of the application (more on that below).


Random UX makes use of banner ads that appear at the bottom of each screen. These ads are slightly larger than normal but do not obstruct the app at all and do not hinder usability.

If you’d rather not see ads, Random UX does offer a premium version of the app which removes all ads from within the app and unlocks the UI theme feature. This premium version can be purchased via the settings menu and costs a very reasonable US $1.99.

Conclusion – Random Number Generator Review

Random Number Generator is by far one of the best number generation apps that we have tested. With an intuitive no repeat counter, great features, and a solid randomization algorithm, this app is worth downloading for whatever randomization purpose you might need to fulfil.

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