Private Lottery Machine App Review

Amongst the many lottery-based applications currently available on the Google Play Store, Private Lottery Machine is one of the more interesting and fun apps that we have come across—even if not the most useful and helpful. In this Private Lottery Machine Android App review, we will look at what the app is and what you can do with it.

Stand-Out Feature

Private Lotto Machine LogoPrivate Lottery Machine may sound like it could be anything, but in fact it is nothing more than a random number generator. While that may sound boring, it is actually a lot more fun to use than you may think thanks to its unique graphics and interface.

To use the number generator is simple. You will be required to input parameters for the app to use to determine what number ranges to use. The app asks you to select "from 0 to a selected number out of a selected range" (i.e. selecting from 0 to 5 out of 90 will randomly select 5 numbers using a number range of 0 – 90).

You will also be able to tick a checkbox to enable “two-phase” draws. This is useful if you are looking to generate certain numbers followed by a special number such as a Powerball or bonus ball. The parameters for this second phase are the same as the first selection and require users to define a range from x out of x.

Once you have entered the parameters that you are looking for, you may select to either draw the results and generate the numbers you are looking for or you can opt to save your parameters, which will prompt you to enter a name for your selection and will save it as a hotlink on the home screen of the app.

The random number generation algorithm is really something to point out. This is not surprising considering it is the main function of the app. However, even in several tests and number generations, the algorithm worked flawlessly and did not generate similar number sets throughout our tests.

Additional Features

As stated above, Private Lottery Machine is purely a random number generator. Due to this fact, there is only one additional feature that the app has on offer: Results. This is a list of previously generated number sets which displays the generated numbers and the date and time that you generated them.

Other than that, the app has no additional features to speak of. While some may say that this is merely laziness on the part of the developers, considering they could’ve added a few simple features such as number-generation sharing (or even a copy feature to paste the numbers into a different app) and pre-set lottery setting configurations. Sure, simple features like this would have enhanced the app, but we think their absence doesn’t mean the app doesn’t succeed on its own terms. (Think of the “Jack of all trades and master of none” concept.)

Location & Lotteries Available

Unlike some of the best lottery apps we have reviewed, which come preloaded with settings for the most popular lotteries, there are no lotteries supported by Private Lottery Machine.

Private Lottery Machine ScreenshotUser Interface & Usability

The user interface is one area where this app surpassed what we were expecting. This also explains why such a simple app has an install size of over 20MB.

The user interface is crisp and clean, allowing you to see exactly what you need to do in order to generate your random number sets. The generation of the number sets is graphically pleasing due to the app using a ‘bingo-style’ draw machine visualization for drawing the numbers. These numbers fall from the main machine ‘bowl’ into a neat tube at the bottom of the screen. Following the draw, the numbers are prominently displayed at the top of the screen with the main draw numbers highlighted in white and any second phase numbers highlighted in red. The app also works great in full-view mode on modern devices.


Private Lottery Machine makes use of thin banner ads placed at the bottom of the screen. They do not affect the usage of the app in the slightest and you get used to them quickly.

Additionally, the app also displays full-screen ads when moving between the app home screen and the results history page. These are easily dismissed and do not detract from the fact that the application is a solid one—especially considering it is free to download and use.

Conclusion – Private Lottery Machine Review

Out of the random number generator apps that we have reviewed, Private Lottery Machine is by far one of the best—not just because the random number generating algorithm works really well but also because the app is visually great and fun to look at when generating numbers. The app also runs smoothly, and the animations are fluid. This all leads to an app that is a pleasure to use.

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