Powerball and Mega Millions Tool – LottoFan App Review

Powerball and Mega Millions Tool ReviewLottery result applications are always handy to have installed on your device for when you need to check your lottery tickets while on the move. Luckily, the Google Play Store has no shortage of these apps. One such app that is available is Powerball and Mega Millions Tool – LottoFan. In this Powerball and Mega Millions Tool – LottoFan Android app review we will delve into what features the application has as well as if it is worth using to check your lottery tickets.

Stand-Out Feature

The main purpose of Powerball and Mega Millions Tool – LottoFan (further called Powerball and Mega Millions Tool) is to bring you the latest results from two of the most popular lotteries in the world.

The app does this by neatly displaying the latest draw results in a clear and graphically pleasing way on the home screen when you first launch it. Below the heading of each lottery, the results are clearly displayed with the date of the draw and the total estimated jackpot for that draw. The way in which the results are displayed allows you to quickly see the results—even at a glance.

Another great feature displayed on the home screen is the option to select which lottery you would like to receive push notifications for when there are new results available. You are given the option to toggle between either of the lotteries or to select them all. This is all chosen by tapping on the three vertical dots located in the right corner at the top of the screen.

Additional Features

Powerball and Mega Millions Tool also comes with a decent set of additional features to interest you when you are checking the latest results. These features include:

  • Prize Table: The app features a prize table that is updated according to each draw. This shows the amount that each combination of matching numbers is eligible to collect, as well as how many winners there are for each prize. We have long maintained that this is a great feature for any app to have, so it automatically bumps this app higher on our best lottery apps list. The only downside to this feature is that it is only available for the most recent draw and not for any past draws.
  • History: Each lottery features a history of previous draws and displays the results of all past draws underneath the date that the draw took place. Unfortunately, the history seems to be limited to six months into the past and does not feature any search function in order to look for a specific date.
  • Check Number: This nifty feature allows you to manually enter in the numbers from your previously purchased lottery ticket and compare them against current and previous draw histories to see if your numbers ever had any winning amount that could be claimed from them.
  • Analysis: As with most applications that have a results history, Powerball and Mega Millions Tool also features an analysis feature that gives you statistics on the numbers used in the lottery draws. These statistics, however, are limited to top numbers which can be seen in singulars, pairs, or triplets. Each option shows you what group of numbers appear most often together. 

Powerball and Mega Millions Tool ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As clearly stated in the name of the app, the only supported lotteries are the US Powerball and Mega Millions.

User Interface & Usability

The overall look and feel of the app are pretty good overall. The graphics aren't anything exciting, but the clearly contrasting colours make the app easy to interact with. It also functions smoothly and without any hitches—even when forced to operate in full-view mode on modern smart devices.

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the interface’s highlights. The app does not feature any menu icon to allow you access to the vertical menu that can only be accessed by swiping left from the side of your screen. The menu is also pointless considering that none of the links in it actually function.

The menu does, however, give something away about the development of the app. It is clear from the dead links in the menu that have not even been renamed that the app was developed from a pre-existing template in some form of app builder. The fact that these dead links were left in the final published version of the app is a horrible oversight on the side of the developer and something that easily could—and should—be remedied. 


Ads is the section that ruins the otherwise positive experience of using Powerball and Mega Millions Tool. At the start, the ads to not seem to be a problem considering they are represented simply by small banner ads at the bottom of each screen. These ads are unobtrusive and do not get in the way of using the app.

However, banner ads that take over your whole screen are present each time that you navigate anywhere within the app and are constantly popping up when refreshing your screen—even when not navigating within the app. This leads to an annoying experience of constantly closing ads to try and use the app.

Conclusion – Powerball and Mega Millions Tool – LottoFan Review

Powerball and Mega Millions Tool – LottoFan has many things that work in its favour. These include the prize table, clear and modern design, and ability to customise push notification options. The sad thing is that all these great things are let down by bad development debugging and an ad system that will very quickly irritate you to the point of uninstalling an otherwise great application.

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