NY Lottery App Review

NY Lottery is an app developed by New York Lottery that is packed with a wide range of great features. In this NY Lottery Android app review, we will look at what features the lottery provider has included in their flagship application and how you can use these features to make your lottery experience effortless.

Stand-Out Feature

NY Lottery ReviewWhile NY Lottery includes many features, the stand-out in our opinion is the recent results feature. This feature shows you the latest draw results from a variety of different lotteries (listed below). These results are neatly displayed underneath the logo of the lottery and are clearly displayed with the date that the draw occurred. As an added bonus, the app also displays when the next draw will be taking place and what the current estimated jackpot will be (where applicable).

Meant to work alongside the recent results, the app features a lottery ticket barcode scanner that lets you scan your purchased lottery ticket and compare your numbers against recent draws. This feature is easily launched from the small barcode icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen or the main menu.

Once you have launched the barcode scanner, the app will activate your device camera and display a barcode grid on your screen so that you may align it with your ticket. The app will then scan your ticket’s barcode and identify the metadata of the ticket (what numbers you have chosen and what lottery the ticket is applicable to). It will then automatically compare your ticket against the latest draw results of that lottery and inform you if you have a winning ticket.

It is important to note that the developer has done some impressive programming with the ticket scanner. The scanner cannot be fooled into reading any other barcode and only scans official lottery tickets of supported lotteries. Any attempt to scan a barcode that is not supported by the app will automatically launch a help section that tells you how to use the barcode scanner and what it will work on.

Additional Features

NY Lottery includes several great additional features. These include:

  • Past Winning Numbers: Each lottery results section also includes a draw history section. This feature requires you to enter in a date to search for a draw that you are looking for. The app will then display the results of all draws that occurred on that date as well as what year the draw took place in.
  • How to Play: There is a dedicated FAQ section for each supported lottery that gives you comprehensive details on how each game works, what times the draws take place, and the odds and winnings statistics. This is a great and helpful feature that we wish more of the best lottery apps for Android and iOS made use of.
  • Find Retailers: By enabling your device’s location services, the app will help you find your nearest retailer that sells tickets for any of the supported lottery games. This feature is fantastic if you are travelling slightly outside of your usual area and need to get a ticket for the next draw. The app will display a map with your location and show pinpoints at all the places where you can go to purchase a ticket.
  • Get Numbers: This may be just a number generator, but it is developed in the most fascinating and fun way we have seen yet. In order to generate a random number sequence, you will need to specify which lottery you would like numbers generated for. Once you have done that, you will be presented with a selection of mini games. These games range from Midtown Madness (in which you need to select random cars travelling along a road to generate numbers) to Magic Money Tree (which requires you to shake your device to shake leaves from a tree and reveal numbers).

Each of these games proved to be powered by a decent randomization algorithm and impressed us with the varying number sequences that were generated. Each number sequence can also be saved and viewed later under your personal Saved Numbers tab.

  • Promotions: The promotions screen shows you all the latest New York Lottery offers and provides external links that will direct you to more information about the promotion.

NY Lottery Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

Supported lotteries include the following:

  • Mega Millions
  • US Powerball
  • New York Lotto
  • Cash 4 Life
  • Take 5
  • Numbers
  • Win 4
  • Quick Draw
  • Pick 10

User Interface & Usability

The user interface of NY Lottery is great. Not only is the app well designed and modern, but it is responsive and moves quickly between features and screens. It has also been developed to support full-view mode on modern devices. 

Navigation is dealt with by using a side menu on the left that is accessible via the hamburger menu icon at the top-left side of the screen. Finding what you want is easy and everything is placed in a logical place that allows you to move within the app without any hassles. 

While some online reviews of the app state that it's unstable and has various issues, we personally did not encounter anything like that during our testing of it. Therefore, hopefully whatever those issues were for certain users have already been worked out or soon will be in a future update.


As you may expect from an app that is developed and distributed by an official lottery, there are no ads within NY Lottery. This is a great thing that we think shows the dedication of the developer to making an app purely for the convenience of the public.

Conclusion – NY Lottery Review

NY Lottery encompasses everything good that we look for in a lottery application. With a great design, smooth performance, and a stockpile of features, this is an app that is definitely worth installing, and we give great credit to the developer for creating such an all-around outstanding application.

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