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The Google Play Store truly has no shortage of random number generators, and each one has its own unique twist on what a number generator should be. Many even come with a variety of features that go beyond what you would expect to get from such a simple concept. In this Number Generator Android app review, we will look at what features one of these apps has and how well they function to give you a great number generating experience.

Stand-Out Feature

Number Generator ReviewWhile it is not the main purpose of the app, the stand-out feature in our opinion is the lottery number generator. This generator allows you to select how many numbers you would like generated, and what range of numbers you would like the random numbers to be selected from.

These parameters are entered easily on the generation page and can be customized to whatever you would like. The app does also feature pre-set parameters for six numbers between the range of 0 and 49, six numbers between the range of 0 – 58, and seven numbers between the range of 0 – 49. There is also a handy US Powerball pre-set that will generate five numbers from the range 1 – 69.

The randomization algorithm that is used is one of the better ones that we have tested and does not repeat numbers in close sequence. This alone makes Number Generator one of the best lottery apps.

Additional Features

Number Generator uses its’s randomization algorithm to run a variety of additional features for you to use. These include:

  • 1 to X: This feature is simply a number generator that allows you to enter in any range of your choice and randomly generate as many numbers as you require. It functions almost exactly as the lottery generator except that the pre-set options here vary slightly.
  • Pin Codes: This is a surprisingly useful feature that we have not previously seen in any random generation apps. This feature allows you to specify whether you would like a three-, four-, five-, or six-digit pin code and then generates a completely random pin using the number range that you have specified.
  • Dice: As you may well guess, this functions as a dice simulator and allows you to ‘roll’ digital dice. You have the option between one or two dice and can also edit the range of numbers from which the dice rolls are chosen from.
  • Links: This tab displays a list of available links to different areas on These links include things like List Randomizer and Flip a Coin. Each of these links opens externally in your device’s default browser.

Number Generator Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

Because Number Generator is merely a generation app, there are no supported lotteries.

User Interface & Usability

As is becoming popular across all platforms, Number Generator makes use of a dark theme that uses high-contrast text colours to make the text stand out from the muted background. This look works well in the app and makes it pleasant to look at and use.

The app’s navigation is also neatly designed and is achieved using a simple tab menu that is located at the bottom of the screen. Navigation is fluid and responds to the lightest touch. The app also functions well in full-view display mode.

Another plus on the design and functionality side is that each time you request a new generation, the previous generation appears in a ‘history’ underneath the parameter settings section of the screen. This is handy if you would like to see how the newly generated numbers compare to those generated before it.


Surprisingly, even though the app is free to download from the Google Play Store, there are no ads present when using the app. While we are not complaining about this, we would not have minded small banner ads at the bottom of each screen as is popular considering how well the app functions and how good the randomization algorithm is. But no ads whatsoever is definitely a pleasant bonus!

Conclusion – Number Generator Review

Random number generators are a dime a dozen on the Play Store. Some of these are really good, while others tend to be horrific, but Number Generator surprised us in all the right ways. With a great design and functionality, and a properly developed and coded randomization algorithm, this is an app that would be great to download if you are looking for truly random number sequences with the ease of touching a button.

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