Mega Millions & Powerball App Review

Mega Millions & Powerball App LogoApplication names are sometimes too blatant and obvious, and “Mega Millions & Powerball Lotto Games in US” is one of those applications. As you may have gleaned, this app is used to get the latest results for its namesake lotteries. However, it also hosts some interesting features that are worth taking a look at. In this Mega Millions and Powerball Android/iOS app review, we will go over these features and see exactly what this app has to offer.

Stand-Out Feature

As mentioned above, the main feature of Mega Millions & Powerball is pretty obvious. The app is used predominantly to get the latest results from the Mega Millions and US Powerball draws. These results are neatly displayed on the application home screen for easy access.

With the results, the app also displays useful information such as whether or not there was a jackpot winner, what the prize amount was if taken as an annuity, and what the prize amount was if taken as cash. These helpful features let users know everything they need to know about a specific draw at a glance and save time on having to scroll through endless menus to get what they are interested in.

Mega Millions & Powerball App Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

Mega Millions & Powerball offers quite a surprise in terms of additional features. With some features doing exactly what they say, others can be made use of in interesting ways to do more than originally expected. These features include:

  • Pay Tables: The app offers pay tables that show exactly what the expected win amount will be depending on the amount of matching numbers. This is also shown dependant on what state the user is in for even more accuracy.
  • Custom Notifications: Users are able to customize the notifications that the app is allowed to send them via your device's push notification service. Customizable options include general draws for both lotteries as well as if there is a jackpot above a specified amount.
  • Ticket Tracking: The best secondary feature the app offers is the ability to add tickets, which will then be automatically checked against the winning numbers. This is done by clicking on the + sign at the top right of the home screen. Once users have navigated to the ‘Add Ticket’ screen, they are given the option to choose the numbers and draw date of the ticket that they would like to add.

While this may seem like a simple feature, it also acts as something different from what it was originally purposed for. Once in the ‘Add Ticket’ screen, users can select the “Quick Pick” option to add their ticket numbers. The app will then function as a random number generator and display an entirely unique selection of number to use when purchasing a ticket. After numerous tests, we were incredibly surprised at the impressive randomization algorithm that the app makes use of. Every test we ran resulted in an entirely unique number sequence that was completely different from the previously generated sequences. This actually worked better than some of the lottery apps we’ve reviewed that are exclusive random number generators!

Location & Lotteries Available

True to the name of the app, Powerball and Mega Millions are the only two supported lotteries available in the app.

User Interface & Usability

Mega Millions & Powerball is not just impressive in terms of the features and functionality that it offers to users. The app is also well designed and cleverly developed to provide users with an almost perfect app experience.

The app is fully responsive to full-view mode on modern smartphones and responds almost instantly to user input. The design of the user interface is also modern and striking, which allows the user to instantly see what they need to at a glance.

Another bonus is that the app is split evenly between its two namesake lotteries. Each lottery is selectable by a large tab at the top of the screen and changes all information displayed in the app dependant on what lottery is selected.


Mega Millions & Powerball does not have a paid, or “pro”, version available. However, dealing with the free version is not really an issue considering that the only ad that is visible in the app is a small banner ad that is constant at the bottom of the screen.

For an app that is this responsive and intuitive, this shortfall can easily be overlooked, as it does not become a nuisance when using the application.

Conclusion – Mega Millions & Powerball Review

Some apps promise the world yet only deliver 10% of what they say that they can, while other apps do not promise much yet go well beyond what we expect of them. Mega Millions & Powerball is of the latter category. With its great design and surprisingly impressive features, this definitely falls into the lottery apps worth downloading category.

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