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One type of application that is ‘a dime a dozen’ on the Google Play Store is random number generators. These apps are popular amongst lottery players that want random number sequences generated for them to avoid having to constantly think of new sequences that they have not used before. Lucky Numbers – Lottery is one of the apps that is vying for a position in this category. In this Lucky Numbers – Lottery Android app review, we will look at this number generator and see how it stacks up against some of its competitors.

Stand-Out Feature

Lucky Numbers - Lottery ReviewFor all the random number generators out there, there are a few fundamentals that the app must get right. These include having a reliable randomization algorithm, being easy to use, and being nice to look at. Lucky Numbers – Lottery does well in almost all these areas but fails dismally in others.

When first launching the app, you will be presented with an incredibly basic screen that is almost completely void of anything on it. At the top of the screen is a number range—this is the range of numbers from which the app selects numbers to randomly display. By default, the range is set from 1 – 49. To edit this, you will need to tap on the small icon to the right of the displayed range that looks like the ‘location tracking’ icon on most devices. This will open a pop-up box that will allow you to manually enter any number range up to 9999 (all ranges are required to run upwards from one).

Once the range is configured the way you would like it for your upcoming draw, you simply need to tap on the large Get a Lucky Number button located underneath the range. The app will then begin displaying a rather fun to watch animation of number randomization. This happens by flashing random numbers on the screen that change continuously. After about eight seconds (which we feel is a bit too long for a single number to be chosen) the app will display a final static number, which will then appear as a bright yellow lottery ball in the selection bar at the bottom of the screen.

This process is repeated continuously (which again, could become tedious because of the eight-second wait time) until you have generated the amount of numbers that you require for your chosen lottery. If you generate more numbers than what can fit on screen, the app will make the bar in which they appear scrollable and you will be able to navigate through your generated numbers by swiping your screen either left or right.

If you would like to clear the numbers that you have already generated, you can tap on the small trashcan icon that appears to the top-right of the results bar. This icon will appear after your first number generation.

The randomization algorithm that the developer has chosen to run the app functions well and did not once repeat a number in a series of 15 number generations. This alone gives this app high marks in our opinion—especially because it is the only purpose of the app.

Lucky Numbers - Lottery Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

There are no additional features to speak of in Lucky Numbers – Lottery. Literally none. While we do understand that the developer probably wanted to create an app that only caters to one specific need, we find it slightly disappointing that simple things such as a generation history have not even been included.

Location & Lotteries Available

There are no supported lotteries in Lucky Numbers – Lottery. Instead, it is up to you as the user to generate the amount of numbers that you require to play in your selected lottery.

User Interface & Usability

As we said earlier in this review, the design of the app is incredibly simple. This is partly excusable because there is no need for a menu (due to a complete lack of additional features) and because the app does what it is expected to do. It must be said that it does this fluidly and without any delays. The animation of the generator works flawlessly and smoothly. As a slight feather in the cap of the developer, the app does support full-view mode by default—something that we always look for and appreciate.


Ads do make an appearance in Lucky Numbers – Lottery in the form of a banner ad that envelops the bottom of the screen. These do not get in the way of anything in the app and can easily be ignored, especially considering the strength of the randomization algorithm.

Conclusion – Lucky Numbers - Lottery Review

With the vast array of random number generators available today, apps need to have something special to set them apart from the masses. Unfortunately, despite its solid randomization algorithm, Lucky Numbers – Lottery is nothing special. With a complete lack of anything extra and a basic design, it is an app that can certainly be used—but there are better alternatives out there.

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