Lucky Now! - Feel Great & Make it Rain Review

Lucky Now App ReviewWith the evolution of mobile applications that allow users the ability to win free money, a flood of them has appeared on the Google Play and iOS stores. In this Lucky Now! – Feel Great and Make it Rain Android app review, we will look at one such application that has slightly improved the standard for these apps to be slightly higher, what is available through it, and how you can use it.

Stand-Out Feature

There is one clear feature that trumps all the others in Lucky Now!—the ability to play a variety of daily scratch cards. To do this, you will need to register a player account, which can only be done by connecting your Facebook account to the app and granting permissions for the app to access your Facebook profile. Registering enables you access to three unique scratchers and the ability to play using the same account across multiple devices.

Once you have registered your account and logged into the application, you can begin playing. To play, simply drag your finger across the face of the scratch card that is displayed on your home screen. To win, you will need to match three unique symbols. The app will clearly tell you if you are a winner by displaying a pop-up that will show how many tokens (which are discussed later in this review) or cash you have won.

After you have finished scratching one card, it will be replaced by another. There are 45 different scratch cards that are playable. These scratch cards expire daily and are replaced with new scratchers that hold new opportunities to win.

Any cash amounts that you win in the app will be stored in your digital wallet. All withdrawals can only be made to your linked PayPal account, and a minimum withdrawal limit of $10 is enforced.

Additional Features

There is a decent spread of other features in the app that give you more chances at winning some extra cash:

  • Tokens: Tokens are a kind of ‘virtual currency’ used by the app. They are won from scratch cards, given as prizes for logging into the app daily, and can be gained using any of the additional features listed below. These tokens can be redeemed for entries into the raffle draws held by the app or to play in any of the extra games.
  • Raffle Draws: There are hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly raffle draws that are held by the app. The available prizes range from $1 to $1,000 and are updated each time a new draw is added. Players can redeem their tokens for tickets into the draw of their choice or multiple draws if they so desire.
  • Lucky/Super Spin: This feature is your typical spinning wheel of fortune. It costs 4,000 tokens per spin to play (or by watching a video ad for three turns) and hosts prizes that range from free raffle entries, thousands of tokens, or cash prizes.
  • Slots: The app’s slot machine is a virtual slot that offers prizes ranging from 2,000 tokens to $0.50. As with the wheel spin, it costs 4,000 tokens to play.

Location & Lotteries Available

Lucky Now Lottery App ScreenshotThere are no popular lotteries supported by the app, considering that it runs its own prize ecosystem. As per the terms and conditions, the app is only meant to be accessed by players who reside in the United States. This is a slight bummer if you don’t live in the US, but if you do, then you are free to download it if you choose.

User Interface & Usability

The app looks great. It uses a mix of modern colours and sleek designs to make the most out of the display. In addition to how great it looks, the app also functions really well and is smooth when playing or navigating between the different features. It is also effortless to get to where you need to go due to the hamburger menu located at the top left of the screen.


As with all free things, the app is supported by ads. Unlike many other lottery apps, however, these ads actually work to pay the prizes that the app has to offer. The one thing that we are truly grateful for is the fact that the ads do not randomly pop up at annoying times. Instead, you get to choose when you would like to watch a video ad—this is generally a requirement to unlock certain scratch cards.

Lucky Now! - Scam or Legit?

There is little reason not to trust Lucky Now! fully. This is because of a straightforward reason—it is entirely free to play. There is no risk of losing anything by playing. Instead, there is an excellent chance of actually winning something without having to pay anything to do so.

One thing must, however, be noted. There seem to be a fair amount of reviews on the Google Play store that say the app will allow you to earn any amount that is just below $10 and then will stop giving you any cash prizes. This prohibits you from ever withdrawing your winnings (because the minimum withdrawal amount is $10). On the other hand, there are also many reviews of users that say they have withdrawn winnings and are happily spending their free money. So, the decision on whether to spend your time attempting to gain $10 is entirely up to you. For review purposes, we didn’t have quite THAT much patience, but we’ll give the developers the benefit of the doubt and leave the confirmation up to you.

Conclusion – Lucky Now! Review

Lucky Now! – Feel Great and Make it Rain is one of the better-looking apps that we have found recently. It seems like a great app to get some extra cash, but the negative reviews on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have raised our eyebrows. Whether or not they are fake reviews we can't say, but from the time we spent with the app, we found that the extra features (games) are great, the app works well, and it does give you a chance to win some real cash. And, to top it all off, it is completely free.

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