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If you are looking for an app that allows you to play in a lottery and win cash without costing you a cent, then Lucky Day – Win Real Money is here to serve you. Unlike most conventional lottery applications, Lucky Day puts a unique twist on things and takes pride in doing things its own way. In this Lucky Day – Win Real Money Android app review, we will look at what the app does and how it functions.

Lucky Day ReviewStand-Out Feature

Saying that one thing in particular is a stand-out for Lucky Day – Win Real Money (further referred to as Lucky Day) would be demeaning all the features that the app has. Everything on offer is equal in terms of feature usability and user experience, and the only real distinction between them is the amount of cash you can win. While this may all sound confusing, it will begin to make sense once you realize what Lucky Day does offer. 

Each day when you open the app, you will be presented with an entirely new selection of scratch cards, raffles, and a new daily lottery draw. All these things are self-funded by the application (from what we can tell) by using money gained from advertisers—more on that below.

There are four major things on offer in the app:

  • Cash Scratch Cards: These are digital scratch cards that give you the opportunity to win cash prizes from $2 all the way up to $10,000 (which is the biggest prize we saw during our review of this app). To see if you have won, you simply need to select the scratch card, move your finger across the screen of your device to ‘scratch’ the card, and see if you have won anything. Any cash winnings will be added to your ‘virtual wallet’ within the app. If you do not win cash via any of the scratch cards, you will still be rewarded with ‘tokens,’ which we will discuss below.
  • Token Scratch Cards: These function in the same way as the Cash Scratch Cards except instead of rewarding you with cash prizes, you are awarded tokens.
  • Raffles: Each day you will be able to claim an additional free ticket into a variety of raffles. The prizes for these range from international vacations to large cash prizes. Each raffle states the closing time to enter the draw and the date and time that the draw will take place.
  • Daily Lottery: The app also hosts its own daily lottery. Each day you will earn one entry into the lottery and will be able to select your own sequence of numbers or use a quick pick to have the app select your numbers for you. As with the raffles, the date and time of the draw are clearly displayed.

Lucky Day Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

There are no additional features to speak of other than those mentioned above. However, below is some more info on the ‘token’ system as well as what to do if you do become a winner with Lucky Day. 

  • Tokens: As mentioned above, you can earn tokens by winning them when playing the cash or token scratch cards. Any tokens that you have won are stored in your ‘virtual token wallet.’ These tokens can then be used to purchase additional tickets into raffle draws of your choice.
  • Withdrawals: One thing you may be wondering is how you will be able to claim your cash if you do win a prize. This is easily done by requesting a withdrawal to a PayPal account that you link to the app. The only limitation to withdrawals is that you are not able to withdraw amounts that are below $10.
  • Free Tokens: There is also the option to gain free tokens by completing ‘offers’ that are supplied by sponsors and require you to complete specific tasks to gain your tokens. These tasks generally take the form of completing a task in another game application and then reposting your progress. You can, however, also gain free tokens by inviting friends to download and use Lucky Day using your unique ‘Lucky Code’.

Location & Lotteries Available

There are no international or ‘name brand’ lotteries supported by Lucky Day. Instead, the app hosts its own daily lottery.

User Interface & Usability

Lucky Day’s design is really something that is worth a good mention. Using the popular Windows 8 style of ‘Metro Menus’, the app displays all your available scratch cards using tiles that are scrolled through vertically.

Scrolling through the cards is fluid and seamless and never seems to falter—even when you try to test how quickly you can scroll through them. The app also performs perfectly in full-view mode on modern devices. If you do get stuck, the app also offers a side menu that is accessible via the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen.


The only catch with using Lucky Day are the never-ending onslaught of ads that pop up, and this issue is the only thing keeping the app from making its way onto the top of our best lottery apps list. For every third card that you select, you will be forced to watch a 30-second full-screen video advertisement.

While this is all entirely understandable considering that these ads are what pays for the cash prizes available via Lucky Day, the fact that you could end up watching almost eight ads in a period of five minutes when playing all your daily cards could get incredibly annoying very quickly and take away from the fact that you stand to win cash without having to spend a cent.

Conclusion – Lucky Day – Win Real Money Review

We could all easily get behind an app that gives you free money for logging on each day and trying your luck at digital scratch cards. We could even forgive the endless ads when we realise that these are what pays the prize money for the scratch cards. However, we are slightly sceptical about the viability of such an app and wonder how often there will actually be any real winners. If, however, this app is all that it says it is and you have the patience to sit through all those ads, then we do think it is ultimately worth downloading. That being said, we definitely don’t have the patience to sit through THAT many ads on a regular basis ourselves.

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