Lucktastic Numbers App Review

Random number generators can make playing your favourite lotteries a breeze by bypassing the need to continuously think of new number sequences. Thankfully, the Google Play Store has a wide variety of these generators, and in this Lucktastic Numbers Android app review we will look at how well its number generator works and if you can confidently use the app to generate numbers for your favourite lottery.

Stand-Out Feature

Lucktastic Numbers ReviewGenerating a random number sequence using Lucktastic Numbers is incredibly simple. The home screen of the app makes clear the purpose of the app and provides you with very few options other than to begin generating number sequences.

To generate a number sequence, you will need to tap on the Generate My Numbers button that is located near the bottom of your screen. Once you have done this, the app will display a screen allowing you to change the parameters that you would like the generator to use when generating your number sequence. These options include the minimum and maximum number values you would like to use, the amount of numbers you would like to be generated, the number of lines that you would like, and if there are any numbers that you would like to exclude from the generation.

After you have entered in all your desired settings you will have the option to save these settings for the next time that you request a generation. This is done by toggling the Repeat Results option at the bottom of the settings.

If you are happy with all the settings, all that is left to do is to tap on the Generate Numbers button. The app will then display a totally unique list of number sequences that have been generated according to your choice of settings.

The algorithm that the app uses to randomize the number choices works well at not repeating numbers in consecutive sequence generations. However, it does not stack up against some of the algorithms used by some of the top lotto apps.

Lucktastic Numbers Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

Lucktastic Numbers does not offer many additional features. The few that are available include:

  • Results History: This feature records every single number sequence generation that you perform and displays it in a list form. This allows you to not only check how well the algorithm is working, but also allows you to see what you have possibly played in the past.
  • Share Generation: Using your device’s built-in share features the app allows you to share your generated results. This is only available on the generation results screen and cannot be done after you have navigated back to the home screen.

Location & Lotteries Available

Lucktastic Numbers does not support any specific lotteries. Instead, by manipulating the generation parameters to what is required, you will be able to use it for any of your favourite lotteries.

User Interface & Usability

The design of Lucktastic Numbers does just enough to get by. Even though the app makes use of an incredibly busy background, this is offset by strongly contrasting buttons and options. The app is incredibly easy to use, and the lack of additional features and menus makes it simple to generate new numbers at the touch of a button.

Thankfully, the app runs natively in full-view mode and is surprisingly responsive to user input. The generation of random sequences also happens almost immediately.


To start with, the app makes use of banner ads at both the top and the bottom of your screen. These are not in the way of any functions of the app and can easily be ignored—unless you happen to accidentally press on one.

Unfortunately, then come the full-screen banner ads. The continuous, repetitive, never-ending banner ads. These are not just common but absolutely relentless. Full-screen banner ads will appear almost every single time you tap anywhere in the app. To make this worse, every third generation that you perform will force you to watch a timed banner ad that you will not be able to dismiss for a full minute.

Luckily, there is the option to remove the ads—for around US$2.00, but whether any users will get that far is anybody’s guess.

Conclusion – Lucktastic Numbers Review

Lucktastic Numbers is wrong in so many ways because of the ad system that the developer has chosen to use. Any redeeming quality of the app is easily overlooked because of the ads. Unfortunately, the app overall is not great enough to justify having to pay to remove the ads. If the developer can improve the randomization algorithm and design to compete with some of the best, then it might be a different story. However, until that time this app is rendered useless by its frustrating and almost insulting overdependence on ads.

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