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Lottery applications that offer users a whole lot of options are popular because they can generally handle more than one simple task. Apps that do this and are free to play and win through are even more popular. One app that is ever-growing in popularity due to its unique concept is Lucktastic. This app gives users the chance to make some extra cash, or even gain some other rewards, without costing a cent—something that none of us would willingly complain about. In this Lucktastic app review, we will look at how to use the app to generate some pocket money and whether it is worth downloading.

Stand-Out Feature

The most prominent and noticeable feature that quickly becomes visible when firing up Lucktastic is the scratch cards that the app features. These scratch cards are the primary source of winning in the app, and the home screen of the application is filled with a variety of different scratchers for you to choose from.

Lucktastic ReviewAs with some of the other best lottery apps, the more you use the app, the higher your chance of winning will be. As mentioned above, when opening the app and viewing the home screen, you will be presented with a wide selection of scratch cards to choose from. Each of these scratchers has a clear indication as to whether they offer either cash prizes (in other words real money) or token prizes (money that you can use in the game, which we will cover later in this review). Cash prize scratchers will have a green banner across the bottom of their logo, while token scratchers can be identified by a bright orange banner.

To play a scratcher, simply click on the one you would like to play. This will take you to the scratch card screen. When first arriving at this screen, you will notice a pop-up window that will explain to you which symbol you will need to match in order to win the prize. This can easily be dismissed by tapping “Play Now,” and if you would like, you can select to hide these messages in the future.

After you have dismissed the instructional window, you will be shown your scratch card. Each scratch card has two parts. The first part is a 3X2 grid that is placed on the right-hand side of your screen. Dragging your finger over this area will remove the face of the card and display the hidden symbols, which vary depending on which scratch card game you are playing. Matching three symbols together will win you the main prize for that scratcher.

The second part of the scratch area is a single section at the bottom-left of the screen. This is the bonus play area, and it displays a coin with a random value on it when scratched. This value is what you will gain in in-game tokens once you unveil the coin.

Additional Features

Aside from the relatively fun scratchers that Lucktastic offers, there are several other features that are built into the app. These features include:

  • Offers: To give you the most tokens possible, Lucktastic comes with a range of offers for you to complete in order to receive tokens. These offers generally take the form of having to install a partner app and complete specific tasks in that app such as downloading a game and reaching level 11 of the game. Completing these offers will credit your game account with tokens which can be used as you wish.
  • Daily Reward: As a reward for logging into the application daily, you will receive a bonus each day. These rewards take the form of token prizes for the first four days and a mystery reward on the fifth day.
  • VIP Section: This section of the app takes into account how many scratch cards you have played and how many partner apps you have installed to give you a VIP rating. There are three VIP ratings available (bronze, silver, and gold), and each one rewards you by giving you access to things that non-VIP members are unable to access (such as unique scratch cards and higher daily bonuses).
  • Competitions: There are several competitions that are run by the app, and they range from free holidays and trips to Disneyland to GameStop gift cards. Competitions can be entered by purchasing entries using your tokens. Each competition requires a different number of tokens to enter and limits the number of entries you are allowed. You will be notified via the app if you are a winner of any competitions that you enter.
  • Gift Cards: Perhaps one of the most popular features of Lucktastic is the ability to trade your collected tokens for gift cards. The gift cards that can be redeemed in the app come from a wide selection of stores such as Amazon and Old Navy.  

Lucktastic iOS ScreenshotGames Available & Restrictions

The app runs its own ecosystem of scratchers and rewards, meaning you won’t find these games anywhere else.

One thing worth noting about the application is that it has a stringent restriction that only allows users residing within the United States to use it. This is enforced by tracking your device location and requesting that you enter in your postal code.

User Interface & Usability

The application looks great and loads relatively quickly. All the icons and visible fixings have been well developed, and it is easy to see that some time and effort went into making sure that everything looks just right. Navigation is handled through a hamburger menu that can be accessed on the left side of the screen.

The app runs smoothly, and the only thing that lets it down slightly is the loading times when navigating between screens. This, however, is excusable because we do understand that the app is continuously looking online to download content.


While there are no real external ads present in the app, you will be bombarded by adverts that direct you either to scratchers that the developer would like you to play or to the Offers screen, which encourages you to install partner apps. This does get annoying after a while and could leave you slightly irritated depending on how much time you spend on the app.

Lucktastic: Scam or Legit

It is common for people to hear of an app like Lucktastic and immediately think that it is “too good to be true.”However, since it has a long track record of happy winners and a solid online reputation, we are confident that you can trust Lucktastic—which should not be too hard considering that you do not need to pay anything to play the app in the first place.

Conclusion – Lucktastic Review

Lucktastic is the type of app that we have all been looking for—an app that gives us money and prizes for free. However, it is most certainly not a get-rich-quick application, and winning anything could take some time. But if you have the patience to play endless scratchers and complete a variety of offers, then Lucktastic may just work wonders for you.

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