Lotto Results App Review

Lotto Results LogoLotto Results is a one-stop mobile application that offers lottery players in the United States everything they need to know about the latest results of any given lottery draw. In this Lottery Results Android/iOS app review, we will be digging into the app to see what it is all about and whether or not it is worth an install.

Stand-Out Feature

Lotto Results allows users to select up to 10 states as their pre-defined defaults and allows easy changing between them to see the lottery results from a specified state. This means that users will never have to spend time searching through the lists of states for any results they want to see; instead, they will have instant access to them as soon as they launch the app.  

Setting up pre-defined states can be done in a matter of seconds by simply clicking on the location tab at the top of the app and selecting ‘New Location’. From here, easily find the state that is required and tap on its name to add it to the list of defaults. To switch between states, click on the location tab and easily select one of the pre-defined states from the drop-down list.

Additional Features

For such a small application, Lotto Results packs in a decent amount of features that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see. These include the following:

  • Auto Update: If you have the app open on your phone, each time that your screen backlight is reactivated the application will automatically update the list of latest results. This also occurs every time you switch locations or launch the app.
  • Lottery Hiding: If you would prefer to not see a particular lottery result from the lotteries available for the selected state, they can be hidden by simply long-pressing the chosen lottery and selecting ‘Hide’.
  • Draw and Pick Info: Each lottery hosts draw info which states the days, times, and time zones that the draws will take place in. Pick info is also given as to how to play the selected lottery and what number range the balls fall within.
  • Play Info: While this may change dependant on location, a price is given as the standard for each lottery. It is important to note that this does come with a disclaimer that it is subjective depending on the place of purchase.
  • Payout and Odds: The lottery info screen also displays a payout and odds table to show users what their likelihood of striking it big is.
  • Drawing History: This handy feature allows you to see the history of any specified lottery and view what numbers are most commonly drawn.
  • Share Winning Numbers/Jackpot Info: This handy feature allows you to share the info from the app using any one of your phone’s inbuilt share platforms.

Lotto Results ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

Lotto Results covers a wide array of lottery results from 47 states across the United States. Popular lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions are a given; however, the app also supports local lottery results such as Triple Twist (AZ), Lucky for Life (VT), and Cash 5 (IN), to name just a few. 

User Interface & Usability

Lotto Results uses a simple and neat app design. Everything that you need is available via the right-side hamburger menu and allows easy access to what you are looking for. The app makes it a breeze to switch between locations and allows you to view lottery results at a quick glance rather than wading through endless menus to be able to get to them. The app also performed flawlessly in ‘full view’ mode for phones that support full-view screens. Overall, there is nothing that we can really complain about regarding the usability of the app—it’s solid!


Due to the fact that Lotto Results is a free application (there is no ad-free paid version available), we were expecting ads. While using the app, a single banner ad is neatly placed across the bottom of the screen, and it is not intrusive or distracting in any way. The only other ads that popped up were while we were moving between menus or switching locations. These ads were in the form of full screen banner ads that displayed before the app navigated to the requested page. All banner ads, however, came with an exit button and could be easily closed.

Conclusion – Lotto Results Review

For a freeware application, Lotto Results does way more than we expected it to do. As it provides up-to-date US lottery results without any hassle, we highly recommend giving it a try.

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