Lotto Number Generator App Review

Some applications become a real problem to use for people who are slightly technologically challenged. They feature user interfaces that are way too complicated and end up confusing you more than assisting you. Luckily, Lotto Number Generator is not an app that falls into this category. In this Lotto Number Generator Android app review, we will look at how easy the app is to use and what it can do.

Stand-Out Feature

Lotto Number Generator ReviewThe main feature of Lotto Number Generator is—as you’ve probably guessed by now—generating random number sequences. These random numbers can then be used to purchase lottery tickets with numbers that are unique and do not follow any defined pattern.

Using the app to generate numbers is as about as easy as it gets. When launching the app, you will be greeted by a simple settings screen that allows you to enter in the minimum and maximum range of the numbers you would like to be generated. Then you will need to select whether you would like a power ball/bonus ball to be drawn by using the checkbox available. If you would like a power ball chosen, you will need to enter in the parameters for lowest and highest numbers as you did in the first step.

After setting up all the options, all that is left to do is hit Start. This will then take you to a second screen where you will have the option to Generate or Clear. These do exactly what they say. Generate will display a totally unique sequence of numbers for you to use, while Clear will delete any number sequences that you have already generated from the screen.

The algorithm used the generate the number randomization is surprisingly effective and, in several tests, performed well at ensuring that the same number did not appear repeatedly.

Additional Features

Lotto Number Generator ScreenshotBecause the main function of the app is to give you random number sequences, there are no additional features on offer. This is slightly disappointing considering there are simple features (such as the ability to save or share the generated number sequences) that could really help enhance the app and at least add something to it. We are not sure if these things not being included in the app is just the developer being lazy, or if it is because the developer wanted the app to be simple and have a singular purpose. 

Location & Lotteries Available

Random number generators hardly ever have specific lotteries that are supported. This is no different with Lotto Number Generator. There are no existing lotteries that are supported, and the numbers can be used generically for any lottery of your choice.

User Interface & Usability

The design of this app could not be simpler. The app has a plain theme that is modern and follows the growing trend of adapting a dark mode. This is even better when you see the great contrasting colours used for the different function buttons in the app.

The app also supports full-view mode on all modern devices and runs smoothly and without any hitches, no matter how much you mash the Generate button.


For an app that is this good at generating unique number sequences, we are surprised that there are absolutely no ads present when using the app despite it being free to download from the Google Play Store. This was a welcome change from most of the other free apps we’ve tried that at the very least have unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen. 

Conclusion – Lotto Number Generator Review

Lotto Number Generator falls just short of making it onto our best lottery apps list only because there are no additional features to speak of. However, the algorithm is great at giving you completely random sequences each time. This mixed with the fact that the app is free to download and totally free of ads makes it a great one to have on your device.

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