Lotto Draw Machine App Review

Lottery applications that make use of good graphics and appealing animations always score bonus points with us. One application that has captivated us in this way is Lotto Draw Machine, a simple random number generator that uses a nice design and great animations to stand out from the crowd. In this Lotto Draw Machine Android app review, we will look at how well the randomization algorithm of this app works and whether this app can stand up against some of the competition available on the Play Store.

Stand-Out Feature

Lotto Draw Machine ReviewAs mentioned above, Lotto Draw Machine is a random number generator. As such, it can be used to create random number sequences for any lottery of your choice and can help in taking the hassle of having to always randomly think of new lottery numbers off your mind.

To begin generating random number sequences, you will need to enter in certain settings in order to tell the algorithm what it is that you are looking for from the results. This all takes place from the home screen and is the first thing that you will encounter when launching the app.

The first setting allows you to select how many standard balls you would like to be drawn (the default is 6) out of a range of numbers that you can set (the default is 45 but can be raised to a maximum of 100). You will also need to select whether you would like zero to be included in the allowable number range.

Following the first number selection settings, you will need to decide if you would like to draw a power/bonus ball. If you would not like to, you will be able to skip to the generation step (detailed below). If you would like to, you will need to enable the tick box that is located at the start of the second settings line. Once this is enabled you will be able to specify how many power balls you would like to be drawn. These are drawn from the same number range as specified in the first line of settings.

If you would like to generate a third type of ball, this can be done by tapping the large plus sign icon underneath the second line of settings. These additional lines can be configured to suit how many numbers you would like generated and what range they should fall into.

After specifying all the aforementioned settings, you will be ready to generate your random number sequence. This is done by tapping on the Start button. This will lead you to a screen that displays the outline of a lottery ball machine filled with balls that are numbered according to your specified number range. You will then need to tap the Draw button in order to start the generation. This will result in the app displaying an animation of the number balls churning around inside the machine until they are thrown out of the top and into the draw tube.

Numbers that enter the draw tube will be displayed at the bottom of your screen and will make up your number sequence. Numbers will continue being drawn until the amount that you requested is reached. To draw a new selection, you may tap the Reset button and then start the draw again.

The randomization algorithm that is used by the app is impressively good at not repeating numbers. As this is the cornerstone of a decent random number generator, we are pleased to see that the developer took time to ensure this.

Lotto Draw Machine Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

The additional features of Lotto Draw Machine are pretty limited and all relate directly to the main feature. In other words, there's no way to look up draw results or anything else with this app. Nevertheless, the extra features are as follows:

  • Save Settings: By tapping the save icon on the home screen after entering in your required generation settings, you will be able to save these settings for use at a later stage. After you supply the settings with an appropriate name, these settings will appear as a pre-set option underneath the Start button on the home screen. Tapping any of these pre-sets will immediately launch the generator and can save you a good chunk of time in future generations.
  • Results: Accessible via the folder icon on the home screen, the results page displays a list of all previous number sequence generations. These can be cleared by tapping on the trash can at the top right-hand side of the screen when viewing the results list. Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to share these results, which would’ve been a handy and easy thing for developer to add.

Location & Lotteries Available

Because you can customize the settings for each number generation, there are no pre-set lotteries supported by Lotto Draw Machine. Instead, it is up to you as the user to define your favourite lottery settings and save them as pre-sets.

User Interface & Usability

Like we mentioned at the start of this review, we love apps that make use of fun graphics and animations—something that we wish more of the top lottery apps did. Lotto Draw Machine definitely delivers in this area. The user clean and simple interface allows you to complete the task of generating a number sequence quickly and without any fuss.

In addition to a great design and fun drawing animation, the developer has ensured the app natively supports full-view mode on modern devices.


Amazingly, the app does not make use of any full-screen ads. The only ads that you will encounter are small banner ads that appear at the bottom of the home screen and the top of the generation screen, and neither of these ever gets in the way of the app’s features.

Conclusion – Lotto Draw Machine Review

With the volume of random number generation applications that are available on the Google Play Store it is usually hard for developers to make their applications stand out. However, the developer of Lotto Draw Machine has managed this by making an app that is fun to use and employs a decent randomization algorithm. With a few more additional features (such as the ability to share generated results), this app will become even more of a contender for the top spot among the random number generator apps currently available.

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