LotteryHUB App Review

With the influx of new apps reaching app stores to bring the latest lottery results straight to users’ smartphones, it is becoming harder and harder for app developers to stand out from the crowd. LotteryHUB, however, makes a good attempt at bringing simple features in a streamlined design. In this LotteryHUB iOS/Android app review, we will look at what makes LotteryHUB special as well as what it can do for you.

LotteryHUB Lottery App LogoStand-Out Feature

LotteryHUB allows users to enter in any lottery tickets that they have purchased so that the app can automatically check them against the winning numbers and let the users know if they how won any prizes. While this feature is limited only to Powerball and Mega Millions, it is a great feature to have if users are looking for one place to keep track of all their tickets.

As good as this is, there are two negatives about this feature. The main one is that there is no way to scan your tickets using your device's built-in camera, which would great simplify this process for users. The other negative is that users are required to register an account with LotteryHUB. However, the fact that logging in with Google is accepted makes this process easy and painless.

Additional Features

LotteryHUB does not offer many additional features. However, a few that are available include:

  • Email Notifications: The app will automatically send users email updates on any of their tickets that have a winning amount on them. This, however, is dependent on users entering their tickets into the app.
  • Winning Number History: Users will be able to see the draw history for any of the available lotteries as well as what their jackpot amount was. One really great feature added to this is that the app will also display what the cash prize amount of the selected lottery would be if the winner was to withdraw the full winning amount in cash.
  • Prizes and Odds: LotteryHUB displays all the prizes based on the amount of correct numbers as well as what the odds of those numbers being chosen are.
  • Free Daily Spin: While this does not form part of the application and is one of the only ads in the app (see ‘Ads’ below), the app offers a link to an external website that offers users a free chance at a daily wheel spin to win some cash.

LotteryHUB Lottery App ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

The only lotteries currently available on LotteryHUB’s main screen are Powerball and Mega Millions. There is, however, a ‘State Numbers’ selection which allows you to choose the states you would like to see results from. Once a selected state is enabled, you will be able to view all lotteries available in that state as well as their results, result history, and also when the next draw will be taking place.

User Interface & Usability

LotteryHUB makes user interaction as simple as possible. The app home screen is very basic and shows only what users need. Navigation is easily managed through a tab system that is located at the bottom of the screen and allows quick access to loaded tickets, your account, and the settings menu. There is also a shortcut to add a ticket to your account library that is available in the top-right corner of almost any screen in the app.

While some may think the design is slightly too simple, we believe it is a striking design that allows users to easily use the app without excessive effort.


During our use and review of LotteryHUB, we did not experience any pop-up ads that appeared over the app screen. This is a refreshing change from the usual format of ads in mobile applications. Instead, the app holds a static ‘Sponsored Ad’ place on the home screen which links to the daily free spin feature as well as an online casino.

Other than these two static ads, we did not experience any other form of adware whilst using and testing the app.

Conclusion – Lotto Results Review

LotteryHUB offers a great list of features for an app that is less than 10mb to download. With the full list of state lotteries available, as well as the fact that you can store your purchased tickets in the app interface and link them to your account so that you never have to worry about missing a winning ticket, LotteryHUB deserves a spot on the list of best lottery apps to install for people who want to streamline their lottery experience. And if the developers add a ticket-scanning feature, the app will be even better.

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