Lottery Statistics UK App Review

Lottery Statistics UK ReviewSimple lottery apps that have a singular purpose and know exact purpose they are developed for always catch our notice. These apps have a way of being great to use and generally offer the most unique and interesting features. Lottery Statistics United Kingdom fits exactly into this category of apps. In this Lottery Statistics United Kingdom Android app review, we will see what features are available and what is different about this app.

Stand-Out Feature

The main feature of the app is, of course, to display the latest lottery results. To view these results, you simply need to launch the app. When launched, you will see that the app will begin to download the latest results from the server. While this could take a bit of time depending on your Internet speed, it is generally completed before you even notice it due to the fact that the resource file size is so tiny.

Once the app is synced to the server, the latest lottery results will be shown on the main screen of the app in a neat banner. It is as easy and simple as that. 

Additional Features

Lottery Statistics United Kingdom comes with a few extras that make this simple app seem like something much more. These features include: 

  • My Numbers: As a nifty way to keep track of your purchased tickets, this feature allows you to enter in numbers from your purchased tickets and save them to the app. It then also makes use of your numbers for an extra feature that is great to have.
  • Winnings: Syncing from your My Numbers section, the Winnings feature will take a look at any of your entered numbers and compare them to all previous draw results. Any of your numbers that may have won you something will be displayed along with the date of the draw.
  • Random: This is a simple random number generator that can be used to generate random sequences used to purchase lottery tickets without the hassle of having to decide on the numbers yourself. We must say that the algorithm used to generate the numbers is, however, not very good and you will likely get numerous results that are similar.
  • Statistics: This is one of the features that makes this app so special. Featuring full statistics on every number in the lottery, it also gives you base statistics such as the most commonly drawn numbers, least commonly drawn numbers, and numbers that haven’t been seen in the longest amount of time. The statistics per number go incredibly in-depth, and it is nice to see a developer that takes a simple feature and focuses on making sure that the feature runs so well that it goes beyond being a simple add-on.
  • History: If you would like to view draw results from many years prior, then this is the app for you. With results from 1994 up to date, the app makes use of an amazing amount of draw results to ensure that you can search for whatever results you are looking for, no matter when the draw took place.

Lottery Statistics UK Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

The only supported lottery is UK Lotto; EuroMillions, UK Thunderball, and other UK lotteries are NOT supported. However, you will see a variety of lottery apps advertised in a small block on the home screen. These apps each support their own unique lottery and give you the option to install them. 

User Interface & Usability

As we said earlier, Lottery Statistics United Kingdom is a simple app. That means that almost everything in the app is basic and all adopts a no-frills approach. This is true of the navigation (which makes use of a simple tab menu system to get you from one feature to the next), the design (which is neat and modern), and the operation and fluidity of the app.

The app runs well on modern devices and flows from feature to feature without any lag or slacking. It also supports full-view mode which is becoming an increasingly important feature as most devices move toward the full-view screen ratio. 


For such a simple app, we were not surprised to find that the app is free to download and yet is supported by ads. Dealing with these ads is a small price to pay for the convenience of the app considering that the ads displayed are simple banner ads that do not take up a large amount of the screen and do not block any features or important information.

Conclusion – Lottery Statistics United Kingdom Review

Lottery Statistics United Kingdom does several things really well. It could even make it onto our best lottery apps list if it were not for two very simple flaws. The first of these is that the home page only displays the results from the latest draw and not a minimum of at least three draws, as many other lottery apps tend to do. The second is that the random feature uses an incredibly rudimentary algorithm that is not very good. That being said, the app succeeds in being a really good simple app if you are looking for the latest lottery results.

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