Lottery Number Generator App Review

New random number generators are continually being uploaded to the Google Play Store. Lottery Number Generator is one of the apps that has climbed on the random generator bandwagon and seeks to be a top download. In this Lottery Number Generator Android app review, we will look at what features this generator has and how well they function.

Stand-Out Feature

Lottery Number Generator ReviewAs you could imagine, the main feature of Lottery Number Generator is to create random number sequences. These random sequences are great if you are looking for a “Quick Pick” that can be used to play in your favourite lottery.

When launching Lottery Number Generator, you will be presented with a choice between three different lotteries (listed below). You will need to tap on the lottery of your choice to enter the generator that has been pre-set to generate number sequences that can be used with that particular lottery.

Once you have entered the generator section of your chosen lottery you will be required to enter the number of plays that you would like to be generated. This entry will tell the app how many lines of number sequences it should generate and is limited to 10 lines. After specifying the amount of lines you would like, all that is left to do is to tap Generate.

The generated number sequences will then be neatly displayed in a list on your screen. Power numbers will be displayed in red where applicable. These number sequences can then either be cleared from your screen by tapping Clear or be shared by tapping Share. The share feature makes use of your device’s built-in share function.

It must be said that the randomization algorithm used by the app is impressive. In several tests, we did not encounter number sequences that were overly similar to one another and, throughout all the generations that we did, we saw a good mix of numbers from within the pre-set number range.

Additional Features

While Lottery Number Generator does not have some of the basic features (such as a generation history) that other random number generators on our best lottery apps list have, it does have one other feature that is separate from the pre-set lotteries.

Generate Custom Range Numbers: This feature works in the same way as the pre-set generators except for one difference. When entering this mode of the app, you will need to enter in a range of numbers (from the lowest to the highest number) that you would like the generator to use to determine your random number sequence results. You will then need to specify how many balls need to be drawn per number sequence—the default of which is five. Once you have entered in all the required information, you can tap Generate and the app will use your custom parameters to generate your random number sequences.

Lottery Number Generator Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As stated above, there are three pre-set supported lotteries featured in the app. These are:

  • US Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Cash 4 Life

User Interface & Usability

Some random number generators lack refinement in terms of their design and usability, but that is not true of Lottery Number Generator. The app makes use of a modern design that uses contrasting colours and clear text to bring you an overall pleasing visual experience.

In addition to the great looks, the app runs smoothly and—even when moving between the different lottery options—performs without any lag. As a bonus, the app runs in full-view mode by default and has no problems with notched screens, which are becoming popular amongst device manufacturers.


Unsurprisingly, the app does have some ads that are present. These take the form of banner ads that are displayed neatly at the bottom of each screen. They do not get in the way of any of the screen data and can easily be ignored if you are not interested in paying attention to them. In contrast to some other random number generators, Lottery Number Generator does not, thankfully, make use of any full-screen ads when navigating within the application.

Conclusion – Lottery Number Generator Review

With the amount of competition for random number generators currently available on the Google Play Store, it takes some doing for a developer to produce an app that stands out from the crowd. While Lottery Number Generator may not be anything special, it is a well-functioning generator that looks great and has a decent randomization algorithm. It is for this reason that we would easily recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a simple number generator.

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