Lottery Machine US App Review

Random number generators are apps that can come in many different forms. They can be basic applications that simply display a random list of numbers on your screen, or they can include great graphics and animations that make your number generation fun to watch. In this Lottery Machine US Android app review, we will see which of these types this app is and how well it functions.

Stand-Out Feature

Lottery Machine US ReviewThe main point of Lottery Machine US is to generate random number sequences. These number sequences are helpful if you want to be sure you have not played similar numbers in the past by creating entirely random sequences.

When starting the app, you will be presented with the image of a giant lottery draw machine. On the leg of the lottery machine are three vertical buttons that allow you to interact with the application. To generate a new number sequence, you will need to tap on the top button, which is labelled Start. Doing this will bring up a screen that displays a grid of the American states (i.e. CA for California and TX for Texas). After finding and tapping on your selected state, the app will display a list of lotteries from within that state that are supported. Simply click on the lottery that you are looking for and you will be sent to the generation screen.

On the generation screen you will again see a lottery machine. Based on your lottery selection, the machine will be filled with lottery balls that are eligible to be played in your chosen lottery. To the left of this machine is a slider that is topped by a number. This can be adjusted up or down to change the number of seconds between the selection of each number when running a generation. The default (and minimum) is set to 3 seconds, and the maximum option is 20 seconds.

After selecting what gap you would like between number selections, all that is left to do is to run the generation. This is done by tapping the Run button, which is located on the right side of the lottery machine. Tapping this will start the number generation sequence that is animated and provides something fun to watch while your number sequence is chosen. As with physical lottery machines, the virtual machine bounces the lottery balls around inside the machine in order to mix them up. A machine arm will then raise a random ball out of the machine at the interval that you have selected and place it into the selection pipe.

Selected numbers are shown both in the form of the lottery balls in the selection pipe of the machine and in text form at the top of your screen.

The developer of Lottery Machine US has clearly spent a decent amount of time on developing a solid randomization algorithm. In each of the generations that we ran, the numbers that were returned were entirely unique and, in several tests, we did not come across the same number more than we expected to.

Additional Features

Unlike some other number generators on our top lottery applications list, Lottery Machine US does not offer any additional features other than the ability to see your previously generated number sequences. These can be accessed by tapping on the Drawn button that is visible on both the home screen and the number generation screen.

Navigating here will display a list of your previously generated numbers, what lottery they were generated for, and what date you generated them on. Unlike other number generators that we have reviewed, however, this list is not cleared each time that you exit and re-enter the app—something that we think is great.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that you have a full history of previous generations, we feel that the lack of other basic features (such as the ability to simply share or copy your generated number sequences) is a bit of an oversight on the part of the developer. This is a simple feature to add that adds a lot of convenience.

Location & Lotteries Available

There are many lotteries supported by Lottery Machine US depending on which state you select. To mention just some of the lotteries that are mentioned on the app’s page on the Google Play Store, the app features the following:

  • Lottery Machine US Android Screenshot2by2
  • 5 card cash
  • All or Nothing
  • Badger 5
  • Bank a Million
  • Big Sky Bonus
  • Bonus Match 5
  • Cash 25
  • Cash 3
  • Cash 4
  • Cash 5
  • Cash4Life
  • Cashball
  • Classic Lotto
  • Cowboy Draw
  • Daily 3
  • Daily 4
  • Dakota Cash
  • Easy 5
  • Fantasy 5
  • Georgia FIVE
  • Gimme 5
  • Gopher 5
  • Hit 5
  • Jumbo Bucks Lotto
  • Keno
  • Kino
  • Loto Plus
  • Lotto
  • Lotto America
  • Lotto Texas
  • Lucky Day Lotto
  • Lucky For Life
  • Lucky Links
  • Lucky Money
  • Mass Cash
  • Match 4
  • Match 6
  • Mega Millions
  • Megabucks
  • Midday 3
  • Midday 4
  • Montana Cash
  • Multi Match
  • Natural State Jackpot
  • Northstar Cash
  • Numbers
  • Palmetto Cash 5
  • Pick 2
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Pick 5
  • Pick 6
  • Pick 10
  • Play 3
  • Play 4
  • Poker Lotto
  • Poker Pick
  • Powerball
  • Quick Draw
  • Quickster
  • Revancha
  • Road Runner Cash
  • Rolling Cash 5
  • Show Me Cash
  • Super Cash
  • Super Kansas Cash
  • Super Lotto PLUS
  • Take 5
  • Tennessee Cash
  • Texas Triple Chance
  • Texas Two Step
  • The Pick
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Very Own Megabucks
  • Weekly Grand
  • Wild Money
  • Win 4
  • Win for Life
  • World Poker Tour

User Interface & Usability

The user interface of the application is decent, and it is easy to tell that careful thought has been put into making the app easy to use. Navigation is made simple by the vertical menu that is clearly visible, and moving between the different pages of the apps is seamless and happens incredibly quickly. Visually, the app also looks great—and let us not forget the bonus of the animation when selecting numbers.

In addition to the good UI, the app also runs in full-view mode as standard and does not suffer any glitches from devices that make use of an infinity display with a notch.


Aside from the banner ad that is placed at the bottom of each page of the app, you will also encounter full-screen ads at random intervals when using the app. There did not seem to be any trigger or timing to when these ads appeared and, from what we can see, they appear randomly as and when they please. Thankfully, they are easily dismissed and not a cause for concern.

Conclusion – Lottery Machine US Review

Random number generators that include great graphics and animations start off with a leg-up due to them being fun to use and watch. Lottery Machine US takes full advantage of this and adds in great usability and an awesome randomisation algorithm to bring you a solid application. With an extensive list of supported lotteries, this app would be one of the best if it were not for the lack of extras—something that the developers will hopefully soon fix. Despite that, it’s still a great app overall.

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