Lottery Generator Based on Stats App Review

Lottery applications that have a wide range of varying features always seem to be improving and evolving on the Google Play Store to offer more functionality and surprising new features. Lottery Generator Based on Stats is one of these apps. In this Lottery Generator Based on Stats Android app review, we will look at the different features of the app and how they can be used to assist you in your lottery pursuits.

Stand-Out Feature

Lottery Generator Based on Stats ReviewLottery Generator Based on Stats (further called Lottery Generator) uses a variety of statistics in order to generate a completely random and unique sequence of numbers to use when playing your favourite lottery. The algorithm used depends on settings that you enter in and customise on your home screen prior to generating the numbers. While this is a paid feature (more explanation on that later), it is possible to use it without purchasing the app if you only select one of the below categories at a time.

In order to generate a number sequence, you will need to select which of the following criteria you would like the algorithm to consider:

  • Average of Balls—the most commonly drawn ball numbers.
  • Min Ball—the ball numbers that are drawn the least.
  • Max Ball—the ball numbers that are drawn the most.
  • Odd Ball—balls with an odd number.
  • Even Ball—balls with an even number.

Once you have selected which of the above variants you would like the algorithm to consider and selected parameters for each of them, you will be able to generate your unique number sequence. The generated numbers will appear neatly at the top of your screen.

There are also a variety of features that come as an add-on to the main feature of number generation. These are displayed in a tabbed icon menu across the centre of the home screen. These features include: 

  • Lottery Pre-set: This feature rests above the tabbed icons and allows you to select a pre-set lottery game for the generator to know how many numbers to generate. There are a variety of supported lotteries (discussed later). Each of these are customizable if you would like to enter in settings for a lottery that is not already supported.
  • Favourite: Tapping the star icon after generating a random number sequence will store that number sequence as a favourite. You can then view all your favourited number sequences by navigating to them using the side hamburger menu (more on this later).
  • Re-generate: You can use the arrow icon to run the generation algorithm again and generate a new sequence of numbers at the top of your screen.
  • Store Ticket: The cart icon allows you to save numbers as a purchased ticket. You will be able to enter in the start date of the ticket as well as how many times you shall or have played it.
  • Stats: The graph icon is the default selected tab here and is where you amend the statistics that you would like the algorithm to consider.
  • Favourite Numbers: The heart icon allows you to specify favourite balls (which will then be more likely to be chosen) and excluded balls (which will likely not be chosen). You can manually enter values to save to both categories and toggle whether these categories are considered when choosing a bonus ball. It is important to note that in the basic free version of the app you are only given two numbers that you can enter into these categories.
  • Manual Pick: The random dots icon brings up the numbers screen and allows you to manually select numbers to store.

Separate to all these additional features, the home screen of the app also features a wand tool. This tool automatically randomizes the settings for each of the statistic criteria and then generates a random sequence for you. When installing the app, you will receive 10 free wand tool uses. After that you will need to purchase more.

Additional Features

As you probably surmised already, Lottery Generator hosts a great deal of features. However, there are still more features that can be accessed via the left-hand hamburger menu that is available via the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen. These features include: 

  • History: This feature displays all your previously generated number sequences.
  • Favourite: As mentioned above, you can “favourite” certain number sequences once they have been generated. All number sequences that you favourite will be displayed in this screen so that you can keep track of them all in one place.
  • Statistics: This feature allows you to select a supported lottery and view the statistics of the numbers used in that lottery. The statistics can be obtained either from your in-app history or downloaded from the official results. Statistics include how many times each ball has been drawn, as well as for average, minimum, maximum, odd, and even balls.
  • Game Options: This screen allows you to specify which lotteries are supported by the application. These settings include which lotteries should have their results automatically downloaded to the app.
  • Game Results: As you may expect, this screen shows you the latest results from the latest draws. Upon clicking on a lottery of your choice you will also see a draw history of that lottery. In addition to this, certain lotteries display what their estimated jackpots are.

Lottery Generator Based on Stats Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

While you can add any lottery of your choice, the default application comes with the following lotteries supported for number generation: 

  • Powerball (USA)
  • Lotto America
  • Lotto Plus 2 (South Africa)
  • Lotto Plus (South Africa)
  • Lotto (South Africa)
  • Cash 4 Life (USA)
  • Lucky for Life (USA)
  • Mega Millions (USA)
  • Powerball Plus (South Africa)
  • Powerball (South Africa)
  • Daily (South Africa)
  • Viking Lotto (Europe)
  • EuroMillions
  • EuroJackpot

Because the app asks your current location when first launching it, we assume that the enabled lotteries are dependent on your current location and are subject to change. 

User Interface & Usability

The UI in the app is—for lack of a better word—awful. The design is dated and uses unappealing colours. There are also many icons that lead you to many different places. These icons take some time to get used to before you stop accidentally going to random pages of the app. That being said, the app runs smoothly and works well in full-view mode. 


Among the issues plaguing Lottery Generator are its complicated ad and premium system. When launching the app, you will be greeted by banner ads that appear at the top and bottom of each screen. These banner ads sometimes double at the top of the screen—leaving you with three banner ads at any one point.

Separate to this, you will also be exposed to random full-screen ads that appear at random intervals while using the app. There is no sequence to the way or frequency that these appear, and you will need to learn to expect them at any moment.

The app does, however, offer a paid version. This is split into multiple different categories and is just as confusing as the user interface is the first time you encounter it. The available options are: 

  • Yearly subscription to enable all features (however, as far as we can tell, this purchase does not disable ads): +-$7 per year.
  • All features enabled for a lifetime (again, we are not sure if this removes ads): +-$7 (this was on a 50% discount sale at the time of this review).
  • Add 6 extra favourite or excluded balls: +-$1.
  • Add up to 99 favourite or excluded balls: +-$4.
  • Monthly subscription to select multiple statistic options at the same time: +-$1 per month.
  • Permanent ability to select multiple statistic options at the same time: +-$4.
  • Purchase 10 additional magic wands: +-$1.
  • Purchase unlimited magic wands: +-$4.
  • Yearly subscription to remove ads: +-$2 per year.
  • Permanently remove all ads: +-$3.

Conclusion – Lottery Generator Based on Stats Review

Lottery Generator Based on Stats uses a unique and impressive method to generate random number sequences. However, the concept behind the application falls short because of a terrible user interface, constant and annoying ads, and a truly ridiculous purchasing system. Since all this adds up to an app that is great to have but awful to use, you’d be better off using something else that isn’t so unnecessarily complicated and frustrating.

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