App Review is a premium app for Android and iOS mobile devices offered by its namesake website that gives players access to a wide range of lottery options, keeps track of their lottery tickets, and provides the latest draw results. In this app review, we will take a look at all the features this app has on offer and determine whether or not it is ultimately worth a download. App LogoStand-Out Feature

The greatest feature on offer in the app is the built-in functionality to scan your purchased lottery tickets and to securely store them online by linking them to your free account. Any physical tickets that you have purchased from lottery ticket agents and retailers can be scanned using your phone and linked to your account. These tickets are automatically checked at the time of the draw to alert you as to whether you are a winner. The app also allows you to go back and see what numbers you have previously played by keeping a full history of all tickets that have been scanned. 

Additional Features also comes with a variety of additional features to help users in their pursuit of the jackpot. Some of these include:

  • Purchase Tickets: Due to the fact that the app is owned, developed, and linked to, users are able to purchase tickets straight through their app. This is dependent on them being signed into an account that has been validated using a secure code that is sent via text message to their phone during the account registration process. Tickets purchased through the app are automatically checked at the time of the draw without you having to do anything else.
  • Auto Alert: Users have the ability to enable auto alerts for any specified lottery of their choice. These alerts will let you know as soon as the next lottery draw has taken place, as well as what the results of the draw were.
  • Lottery History: Users are able to easily see the full draw history of their selected lottery up to a year in the past. While this may not seem significant, it is a great way to see what number sequences have appeared in the past so that you can (hopefully) select a winning combination.
  • Time Till Draw: Although something small, a handy feature that we love is that each lottery has a live countdown timer under its name that tells users the exact amount of hours and minutes until the next draw.
  • Estimated Jackpot: While this is standard with most applications, a great feature of is that each lottery has the next draw’s estimated jackpot amount prominently displayed so that users can see at a moment’s glance what they can expect to get if they have a winning ticket.  

Location & Lotteries Available App ScreenshotMainly due to its affiliation with the website, the application offers a wide host of lotteries available. These can be filtered according to the user’s home state. Once users have selected their desired state, only lotteries that are applicable to that state are shown. Popular lotteries such as Mega Millions, Powerball, NY Lotto, and Cash4Life are all supported.

User Interface & Usability

The app offers users complete ease of access in a neat and striking design to all the lotto-related things that they might be looking for. With a predominantly white background and bold green button colours, the app is pleasing to look at and allows you to see immediately where your finger should be headed. Add to this the app’s collapsible menu that hosts all the main application sections, and the app is a pleasure to navigate around.

However, with the great design comes one small setback. The responsiveness of the app is somewhat lacking and sometimes lags behind where you have been tapping. While this is not overly noticeable and does not detract from the app’s features, it is something that could become annoying if you are trying to get something done in a hurry.


Not surprisingly for an app that has the backing of a major website, does not come with any ads, either as small sections of the screen on app pages or as banner ads when navigating around the application.

Conclusion – App Review’s great website, which has been around for years, is very responsive on most devices already. Therefore, the next logical evolution for the brand was to bring out an app that offers the same functionality and convenience as their website. Happily, they seemed to have done rather well on that front. 

With its outstanding filtering system (which allows users to only see what is relevant to them) and its integration into the ticket purchasing power of, this app definitely deserves its high ranking in our list of the best lottery apps. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a quick and convenient way to play lotteries and check results while on the move, this is one app you should definitely download.

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