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Everybody loves having a buddy that they can rely on, as that person can give us a sense of home and security. Nowadays, applications can sometimes take the place of a buddy in our lives by providing a much-needed service that we can trust and call upon at any time of the day. One app that attempts to be this to us is Lottery Buddy. In this Lottery Buddy Android app review, we will look at how this app can help you in all your lottery endeavours and whether it’s ultimately a friend or foe.

Lottery Buddy ReviewStand-Out Feature

To start off with, we need to mention that Lottery Buddy is a random number generator. These types of apps have grown momentously in popularity for their ease and reliability in churning out random number sequences for us to use when playing our favourite lotteries.

When first opening Lottery Buddy you will be presented with a simple home screen that gives you five lottery options (listed below)—and that is it. Lottery Buddy seems to take hold of the less is more approach, and the developer really took that to heart.

To generate a random number sequence, first you will need to select which lottery you would like numbers to be generated for (again, these are listed below). These lottery options have been pre-configured to generate the correct quantity of numbers for that specific lottery, the correct quantity of power balls, and the correct number ranges.

After selecting your chosen lottery, you will be shown an almost entirely blank screen that has a single button placed in the center. Tapping this Roll Em button is how you start the number generation process. When clicked, the app will begin to generate random numbers that will roll into view from the left-hand side of your screen. This animation makes use of a great visual effect that makes the numbers appear as if from thin air while they are rolling in. When the animation is completed, you will have a full sequence of numbers to play with.

The randomization algorithm that Lottery Buddy employs easily rivals some of the ones we’ve seen in our best lottery applications. With each new number sequence that we generated in a series of tests the numbers never repeated too often, and there was a good mix of numbers from throughout the number range available—never favouring the high or low numbers.

Lottery Buddy Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

As we mentioned above, the developer of Lottery Buddy has really embraced the less is more approach. While we do sometimes appreciate these types of apps—because they make it so simple to do what you need to do—there is a slight limit to this motto. Unfortunately, Lottery Buddy takes this motto too far and does not even include some of the most basic extras (such as generation history and the ability to copy your generated number sequence to your device clipboard) that we have come to expect from random number generators. As a result, the app feels a bit lazy in that regard.

Location & Lotteries Available

Lotteries supported by Lottery Buddy include:

  • UK Lotto
  • UK Thunder Ball
  • UK Lotto HotPicks (with the option to pick any number quantity between one and five)
  • EuroMillions
  • 49er’s

User Interface & Usability

We love simple designs that look modern and are easy to navigate and read, and Lottery Buddy somewhat delivers in this area. It uses simple background colours and great contrasts given to buttons and text, but ultimately its design is nothing to get excited about. It’s more basic than anything else. That being said, it’s ridiculously simple to use.

That being said, we need to come back to the fact that there is no navigation of any kind in the app, not due to a mistake on the part of the developer, but because there is no need for it due to the lack of features—something we’re still not entirely happy about.


A nice surprise is that Lottery Buddy does not make use of any ad systems. For a number generator with an algorithm as good as it has, we were expecting at least some ads so that the developer could get something back from the app, but you definitely won’t hear us complain about an app not having ads.

Conclusion – Lottery Buddy Review

Lottery Buddy is a great number generator. While it may be slightly limited due to the number of supported lotteries, it makes use of an awesome generation algorithm and is easy to use. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with this app is the ever-present lack of any additional features and the uninspired design. If the developer can work on these issues (and maybe add a few more supported lotteries), this app could be one of the greats.

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