Lottery Analysis and Predictions App Review

Lottery Analysis and Predictions is a simple app that completes a simple objective: to bring you the latest lottery results and some advanced statistic features in a simple and easy-to-use manner. In this Lottery Analysis and Predictions Android app review we will look at what the app has under its sleeve and what the features it offers can do.

Stand-Out Feature

While some (including the developer) may argue that the main feature of Lottery Analysis and Predictions (further Lottery Analysis) is the statistic reporting function of the application, we believe that the stand-out feature is actually the results portion of the application.

Lottery Analysis and Predictions ReviewThe reason behind this belief is the simple way in which the developer has programmed the application to display the results and the additions that are added to the results. 

When launching the app, you will be presented with a home screen that is defaulted to the Quick tab. This tab displays a quick look at the latest results of the three supported lotteries (listed below). After selecting which lottery you would like to see the results for by tapping on the name of the lottery at the bottom of the screen, the app will display the latest draw numbers, the date and day that the draw took place, a pay table with the different winning tiers, and the amount of winners per winning tier. This pay table that displays the number of winners alone is something that we have always endorsed, and we are excited to see it used in such a neat way here.

If you would like a history of results, you simply need to navigate to the Results tab. In this view, you will see a list of previous draw results and what date the draw results originate from. Detailed pay tables (as available on the Quick page) are accessible by simply tapping on any results in the list. The app also highlights results that ended up in a jackpot winner in blue.

Additional Features

Lottery Analysis offers a range of statistic features. These include:

  • Quick Statistics: While we assume that this feature gives you the same basic statistics that most other apps do, we are not sure. This is because this feature was not functional during the time that we were testing the application. Each time we attempted to select our chosen lottery we were directed to a webpage using our device browser that stated that there is currently no connection to the server.
  • Filter: This feature allows you to enter in time periods and compare the draw results between these specified periods. The app does this by taking a certain time range, compiling all the results, and then using your additionally entered data to strategically remove numbers matching your date criteria.
  • Number Frequency Table/Matrix/Rules: Unfortunately, these features also encountered the ‘No Connection to Server’ error during the duration of our review.
  • Lucky Number: This tab displays a nifty number generator that can be used to generate random number sequences. To do this you will need to enter in your full name and date of birth. The app will then use this information to generate a random number sequence. How the app uses your entered information in its randomization algorithm is unclear. However, each time that we changed our entered information we were presented with an entirely different number sequence.

Lottery Analysis and Predictions Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

There are only three supported lotteries available within the application. These are US Powerball, Mega Millions, and Euro Millions. 

User Interface & Usability

The design and development style of Lottery Analysis is modern and carries a functional minimalistic feel. Using a simple tabbed bar at the top of the screen for navigation purposes, the app flows seamlessly between different features and does not seem to lag in any way—even when used in full-view mode which, unfortunately, is not supported by default.

The app is easy to use and understand. The features are also user friendly and do not require too much hassle to start using comfortably.


As with most lottery applications, banner ads are presented at the top of each screen (just underneath the navigation bar) in the app. Surprisingly, however, the home screen does not display these banner ads and is completely ad free. The banner ads are in a decent place on the pages and are not a nuisance like some other ads. 

In addition to banner ads, there are some full-screen ads that make an appearance when navigating between feature screens in the app. These are easily dismissed and do not appear often enough to become irritating. 

Conclusion – Lottery Analysis and Predictions Review

At first glance, Lottery Analysis and Predictions seems like a solid application. With a great results function and pay table results, the app seems to do everything right. Unfortunately, it is let down by additional features that just would not work despite numerous attempts and different connections. If the developer can fix these issues, this app is something any lottery fan would benefit from having installed.

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