How to Win Lotto - Lotto Winning Numbers App Review

How to Win Lotto ReviewOccasionally when reviewing lottery applications, we happen to come across one that we are rendered speechless by. While it does not happen often, and usually only happens because an app was better than what we are expecting, sometimes it happens for other reasons. In this How to Win Lotto – Lotto Winning Numbers app review (called "How To Win Lotto & Lotto Tips" on the Apple App Store) we will look at what the application is all about as well as why it has left us utterly shocked.

Stand-Out Feature

When first launching the application, you will be immediately confused. Judging by the name, you may expect an app that features the latest results, a random number generator that equips you with numbers in order to play in your favourite lottery, or an app that is a mixture of the two aforementioned apps with a few neat tips and tricks on how to win when playing the lottery.

Unfortunately, How to Win Lotto – Lotto Winning Numbers (further called How to Win Lotto) is none of the above. At first the app seems to give you a series of guides to winning the lottery of your choice. However, upon further inspection, you will soon realise that the app is simple a mismatch of random information and articles that all seem to link to a different source. Many of these articles seem to promote a single thing, Auto-Lotto Processor, which seems to be an electronic book that is available for free download from one of the many sites that the app links to.

The information available in the app ranges from testimonials of players who have supposedly won the lottery using the aforementioned book to random articles that center around Lottery Playing Mistakes and Six Sure-fire Tips.

Each article link on the home screen links to a second screen that has the article content as well as a link titled Get Instant Access. This link takes you out of the app and opens your web browser to a page where you will be able to download the electronic book that the app seems to promote.

Additional Features

There are no additional features to speak of in How to Win Lotto. This is not surprising considering that the developer did not seem to be sure what even the main feature of the application is.

How to Win Lotto iPhone ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As an information and tip application, there are no specific lotteries that are available. 

User Interface & Usability

If the features and function of How to Win Lotto are useless, it is kind to say that the design and development of the app is any better. While the developer did at least take some time to ensure that everything in the app is clear and readable, the design is uninspired and bland.

Navigation is handled by a simple horizontal bar at the top of the screen which allows you to move between Home, Surprise (which is just yet another article relating to the electronic book that the app advertises), and Alerts (which are notifications from the developer of the app).

All other navigation is achieved using the simple list format of links on the home screen of the app. Navigation is fluid between the screens in the app – which is one of the only positives to speak about here.


The app does make use of small banner ads that appear at the top of the screen underneath the menu bar. While the ads do not disrupt the use of the app, it is unusual to see them at the top of the screen rather than the bottom, which is common amongst most apps. 

You will also be greeted will full-screen banner ads almost every time that you navigate between the different articles listed on the home screen.  While these can be instantly dismissed, they still become a major nuisance when they are continuously popping up.

Conclusion – How to Win Lotto – Lotto Winning Numbers Review

As stated in the introduction of this review, we are sometimes left speechless by certain applications that we are reviewing. How to Win Lotto – Lotto Winning Numbers definitely succeeded in rendering us speechless—for all the wrong reasons. While we still cannot understand what the purpose of the app is, it is let down further by a truly awful design and endless ads when navigating between the articles. This is an app that we will be happy to uninstall and not see on our devices ever again.

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