Happy Lotto App Review

Random number generators are convenient to anyone who regularly plays the lottery. One such app, Happy Lotto, is exactly what would cross most people’s minds when they imagine a simple random number generator. In this Happy Lotto Android app review, we will look at how the app functions and if there is anything that sets it apart from the mass of other number generators available on the Google Play Store. 

Stand-Out Feature

Happy Lotto ReviewAs stated above, Happy Lotto is a random number generator. As such, it is used to generate random number sequences that you may then use to play in your favourite lottery. The advantage of using a number generator such as Happy Lotto is that each number sequence that you play is entirely different from any numbers that you have played previously. 

Generating a random number sequence using Happy Lotto is incredibly quick and easy. When launching the app, you will be tasked with entering in parameters for the generation of your random number sequence. These parameters include the number range from which the randomly generated numbers should be selected and how many numbers you would like to be generated. This is useful to amend depending on whether the lottery that you want to play requires five, six, or seven numbers. 

Once you have entered in all the required areas, all you need to do is hit the Make Extraction button that is prominently displayed in the center of your screen. The app will then use your settings to make a random number extraction that is based on your parameters. These results will be neatly displayed below the Make Extraction button. Unfortunately, there is no way to share or copy these results. Therefore, you will need to manually write them down or try to remember them. There is also no generation history that will show you previously generated results for comparison. 

Luckily, the randomization algorithm that is used by the application is decent, so you can easily generate multiple sequences with confidence knowing that they are not overly similar to one another.

Additional Features

Because Happy Lotto is a very simple number generator, the developer has not added any additional features. While we would normally applaud this because it means that the developer was focused on exactly what the app should do, in Happy Lotto it feels more like an oversight on the part of the developer.

The reason for this statement is that there are very simple features (such as the share feature mentioned above) that do not technically require any coding on the part of the developer other than linking in the device’s pre-built abilities into the app. Simple features like this would go a long way in making the app something more than one of the most basic random number generation apps that we have come across. 

Happy Lotto Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As with almost all random number generators, Happy Lotto does not support any pre-defined lotteries.

User Interface & Usability

For an app this simple, the developer has done a great job at making it appealing to the eye. The standard user interface is pleasant to look at and (as with the app overall) does things simply. There is also a very nice fade-in animation that is used when the numbers appear on screen after requesting a sequence generation. 

The app also performs smoothly even when forced to run in full-view mode on modern devices—something that we think should be a requirement for any app released after 2018.


The ads in the app take the form of small banner ads that are located right above the Make Extraction button on the home screen. While the placement of these ads may lead you to eventually accidentally click on them while trying to run a new generation, the ads in general are non-invasive and do not get in the way of using the app.

Conclusion – Happy Lotto Review

There is an ever-growing number of random number generators available on the Google Play Store, and Happy Lotto falls perfectly in the mid-range section of these apps. While there is nothing inherently bad about the app, the lack of even the most basic additional features makes it fall behind competitors. Thankfully, the randomization algorithm acts as a saving grace.

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