EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics App Review

EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics is an all-in-one application for anything that you might want to know about EuroMillions results. The app gives you the ability to easily check all the latest results while on the move. In this EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics Android app review we will look at all the features available and what impressed us most and least about them.

Stand-Out Feature

EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics ReviewEuroMillions Numbers & Statistics is primarily a results application. Therefore, when launching the app the first thing you will see is the results of the latest EuroMillions draw. These results are neatly displayed and are headed by the weekday and date that the draw occurred on.

Something that could be improved on is that the home screen of the application only shows the results from the latest draw. Other applications that have made it onto our best lottery apps list show a minimum of the five latest draw results on the main screen and allow you to see at a glance the most recent results as well as a slight history. While this may not be a necessary addition, it would add something helpful to the application and increase the usability of the app.

Additional Features

There are a few extra features that have been added to the app that make it a pleasure to use. These include:

  • Winnings: Directly linked to My Numbers below, the winnings tab shows you when your numbers were drawn in previous draws. The app checks your numbers against all previous draws and notifies you what date and draws your numbers would have had winnings in.
  • My Numbers: As explained above, the Winnings section looks at your numbers to see if you could have a stake in any winnings. However, because your tickets are not purchased using EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics, you need to manually enter in what your ticket numbers are. While this is done easily through the My Numbers tab and is a useful feature to make use of, it would be nice if there was a built-in automatic ticket scanner that used your device’s camera.
  • Random: Most result applications feature a built-in random number generator, and this app is no different. Using the Random tab, you can generate a supposedly random sequence of numbers which you can then use to purchase EuroMillions tickets. This is a very convenient feature and would be a great thing to make use of if the randomization algorithm was any good. Unfortunately, the randomization algorithm seems lacklustre because the results do not appear to be entirely random. During our tests we had multiple numbers that appeared too frequently for an app that is supposed to generate unique sequences each time.
  • Statistics: While the random number generator is definitively not the saving grace of this app, the statistics feature is something that is hard to ignore. The app offers a fully comprehensive statistics function that gives you information on each number in the lottery as well as which numbers are most frequently drawn, which numbers appear the least often, and which numbers have not been drawn for some time.
  • History: The app allows you to view results history dating back a staggering amount of time (all the way back to 2004 to be precise). This is all neatly displayed in the same manner as the latest results on the home screen.

EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As implied by the name of the application, the only supported lottery is EuroMillions.

User Interface & Usability

The app has clear and modern graphics that make it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for. With simple colouring and good contrasts, it is easy to see the results and make out the date of the draw.

Navigation of the app is handled by the popular tab menu, which is displayed horizontally across the top of the screen. This menu makes navigation between the different features effortless and works fluidly without any lag. The app also works well in full-view mode on modern devices.


For an application that boasts such a wide array of useful features, we are pleasantly surprised that the only ads that can be seen when using the app are small banners ads at the bottom of each screen. These ads do not affect the usability of the application and do not get in the way of any of the features. 

Conclusion – EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics Review

For an application that is developed as a results app, EuroMillions Numbers & Statistics boasts a surprising number of additional features that are useful and great to make use of. While there may be a few things that the developer could improve on (such as the randomization algorithm, the amount of results displayed on the home screen, and the addition of a ticket scanner), this app is fairly well rounded and certainly worth an install.

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