EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics App Review

EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics App LogoIf you are looking for an app that delivers all the latest EuroJackpot results, there is one app that does that and so much more. EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics is an all-in-one app when it comes to results and statistics relating to current and past EuroJackpot draws. In this EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics Android app review we will take a look at all the available features and why they make the app as good as it is. 

Stand-Out Feature

As expected, the main feature offered by the app is bringing you the latest EuroJackpot draw results. This is done via a simple home screen that shows you only the most recent draw to ensure that you have the latest results in plain view.

Heading over to the ‘History’ tab also allows you to see the results of every draw in the past ranging back all the way to 2012. One thing that must be said is that even though the app delivers the results in a clear way and is always updated, it lacks some of the information that other apps display with the draw results (such as how many winners the draw had and winning tables). 

EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics ScreenshotAdditional Features

If you can look past the fact that the app does not tell you if someone won the draw, there are many other features to get excited about. These include the following: 

  • Winnings: This tab shows you if any of your entered numbers (see ‘My Numbers’ below) have any winnings owed to them as well as the date that they would have been able to claim winnings on. The app highlights all your winning numbers so that you can see at a glance exactly how many numbers you have matched.
  • My Numbers: In this section, the app allows you to enter in your selected numbers (either for numbers that you would like to play in the future or numbers from a ticket that you have already purchased). The app then uses these numbers to check all draws and see where you would have been able to claim any winnings.
  • Random: This tab is exactly what you might expect – a random number generator. By simply clicking on the generate arrow, the app will generate a random sequence of numbers which you can then use to play in the EuroJackpot. During testing, however, we were horribly underwhelmed by the randomization algorithm and found many instances where the numbers generated where shockingly close to the previously generated set of numbers. As it stands right now, there are many other lottery apps that handle number randomization much more effectively.
  • Statistics: The ‘Statistics’ tab shows you all the latest info on numbers used in the EuroJackpot. These include the most frequently drawn numbers, the least frequently drawn numbers, and the numbers that have not been drawn for the longest period. You are also able to delve even more into the numbers and see stats for each individual number if you wish to. This is an awesome expanded feature that we think more app developers should take note of.

Location & Lotteries Available

Looking at the name you may have already been able to guess that the only lottery currently supported (and probably will ever be supported) is the EuroJackpot. 

User Interface & Usability

The layout and design of EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics is clean and allows you to quickly find what you are looking for using the tab menu at the top of every screen. The only place that we can fault the app is on the home screen.

While we understand that the developers were aiming to keep things simple by displaying only the most recent draw on the home screen, it may have been beneficial to also show at least five previous draws, as is the norm with some other apps. This will avoid having to go to the history tab to see a draw that is still relatively recent.


The app makes use of simple banner ads at the bottom of each screen. These are non-intrusive and do not in any way affect the visibility or usability of the app. Other than that, the only other ‘ad’ in the app is on the home screen which displays links to the Google Play store of all the other apps made by the developer.

Conclusion – EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics Review

As far as results apps go, EuroJackpot Numbers & Statistics is one of the better apps available. With a clear mission of what its purpose is, it allows you to quickly and easily find the info that you are looking for. While there are a few amendments and adjustments that we would make to the app, it is still a pretty solid app to use overall.

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