CA Lottery Results App Review

If you are living in California and enjoy playing the lottery you will, more than likely, often find yourself wondering what the latest draw results are and whether you might be a winner. In this CA Lottery Results Android app review, we’ll take an in-depth look at a simple but solid app by Matthew Saavedra that will keep you updated no matter where you are.

Stand-Out Feature

CA Lottery Results ReviewAs a results application, the main function of the app is to bring you the latest results from a variety of Californian lotteries. This it does in an easy and accessible manner. When first launching the app you will be greeted by the results home screen. This shows you each of the available lotteries, the latest results for the most recent draw, the date of the next draw, and what the estimated jackpot will be (where applicable).

All this is done in a neat and orderly way that allows you to easily differentiate between the different lotteries and lets you see the results that you are looking for at a glance. While we wish that there were slightly more features added on to the simple results that are displayed (such as division tables), the app makes it easy to quickly check if you have become a winner.

Additional Features

While there aren’t many additional features on offer in CA Lottery Results, there are a few that might pique your interest: 

  • History: From the home page, you can tap on any of the available lotteries to expand the left vertical menu with options for that lottery, one of which is the history feature. This shows you all the previous draw results ranging back hundreds of former draw dates. Unfortunately, there is no search function to pinpoint an exact date, so if you are looking for the results of a particular draw that is relatively far in the past, you may be stuck scrolling through the result history for a long while.
  • QuickPick: The “QuickPick” function allows you to generate random number sequences which you can then use to purchase tickets for future lottery draws. Upon selecting QuickPick, you will be asked how many games you would like to generate number sequences for (the options range from 1 up to 25). The app will then display a list of randomly generated number sequences for you to play. One thing that we must mention is that the number generation algorithm employed by the app is rather good. In all the tests that we ran, we did not encounter similar numbers in any of the generated number sequences.
  • Draw Results: We are not really sure why this is displayed in the menu because any attempt to access this feature greeted us with a blank screen. While at first we thought that it may be our Internet connection that was failing to load the results, the problem persisted when tested with different connections and devices.
  • Frequency: The Frequency tab gives you a handy list of number frequencies which you may customize to reflect the results of 20, 50, or 100 draws. Once you have selected how many draws you would like to see the results for, you can filter the results for white balls or power balls. The app will then display a list of all the numbers as well as the frequency with which they make an appearance. This is a handy feature even if it is slightly behind some of the statistic features from better results apps.

CA Lottery Results Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

All lotteries available are strictly based in California and include:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Fantasy 5
  • Daily 4
  • Daily 3
  • Daily Derby

User Interface & Usability

The user interface is tidy and easy to navigate. While the app does not yet support full-view mode on modern devices, the app still functions well and is fluid and responsive to user input. The only mark against the user interface is that it is not always clear which lottery you have selected unless you expand the menu (which is done using the hamburger menu icon at the top left of the screen).

However, using modern graphics and gentle colour tones, CA Lottery Results is great to look at and easy to understand.


The app makes use of full-screen ads that appear at random intervals when navigating between screens in the app and at random intervals on the home screen. These are easily dismissed and do not affect overall usability. 

There are also small banner ads that have a place at the bottom of each screen. These are all acceptable considering that the app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Conclusion – CA Lottery Results Review

CA Lottery Results goes a long way in doing things properly as a lottery result application. While there are a few things that the developer could improve on, the app overall is a pleasure to use and works well to bring you the latest Californian lottery results.

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