Auto Lotto Shake App Review

Auto Lotto Shake ReviewRandom number generators have a very simple task: generate a completely new and random sequence of numbers each time that can be used to purchase a lottery ticket without the chance of the numbers being generic and common. One such app that is trying to grab a foothold in this market is Auto Lotto Shake. In this Auto Lotto Shake Android app review, we will look at what the app does and how well it does it. 

Stand-Out Feature

Auto Lotto Shake is simply a random number generator. It does this in a fun way that will have you looking as if you are trying to get your device’s odometer reading up.

To use the app, you need to shake your device. This does not mean that you can simply shake your device once and then wait for your random number sequence to be displayed. The app requires you to continue shaking your device until it has randomly generated all seven numbers (which you are notified about by a cool tune that is played). While this is fun to do, it may start to annoy you when you see how many times you need to shake your device before getting a totally new and unique list of numbers.

This is due to the completely awful randomization algorithm that is employed by the app. In a series of ten trial generations, the number 12 was chosen five times. This may sound insignificant but shows clearly that the randomization algorithm is not great at the randomization part of what it is needing to do. For an app that is specifically designed to this exact purpose, this is a deal breaker that is hard to come back from.

To generate a new set of numbers, you simply need to hit the reset button and then start shaking again. There is also the limitation of only being able to generate seven random numbers in a given sequence. There is no customization to increase this number at all or even select what number range you want to choose from. That being said, the app allows you to share your generated numbers using your device’s built-in share function, so at least there’s that.

Auto Lotto Shake Android ScreenshotAdditional Features

The developers of Auto Lotto Shake were clearly very focused on what they wanted their application to do—so focused that they did not bother to add any additional features to the app. None at all.

Location & Lotteries Available

Because the app is simply a random number generator, there are no specific lotteries that are supported. However, the app can be used to generate numbers for any lottery that requires you to choose seven numbers.

User Interface & Usability

There is not much that we can say in this section when an app literally has just one screen—the home screen. The home screen is simple with a picture of a lottery ball lying in the middle of a field with more lottery balls dotting the expanse of the field in the distance. This is offset by an opaque, white overlay that brings your numbers (displayed in blue) to the focus of the screen.

It must be said, however, that the app does function well in terms of detecting when you are shaking your device; whether or not this is a good thing is debatable, as sometimes it begins to generate numbers when your device moves even slightly.

Another plus for the developers is that they have managed to get the app to run flawlessly in full-view mode on modern devices.


Unsurprisingly, there are no ads to talk about even though the app is available for free download. We do not know if this was intentional on the part of the developers because they did not want any ads, or because they just could not be bothered to add in the advertising code (as they seemed to do with the lack of additional features). 

Conclusion – Auto Lotto Shake Review

There are some good random number generation apps on the Google Play Store—in fact, there are many of them—but Auto Lotto Shake does not fit into this category at all. That being said, we are not sure if this app even fits into the general category of random number generators, as it fails miserably at even doing that. As a result, this is one app that we feel you’d be better off staying far away from.

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