Australia Lotto Results and Ticket Checker App Review

Apps that are designed to bring you the latest lottery results generally haveAustralia Lotto Results and Ticket Checker Android App Reviewrelatively few criteria to fulfil to make it onto our best lotto apps list. They need to be simple, functional, and do what they set out to do without too much fuss. Australia Lotto Results and Ticket Checker is one of the applications available now that checks some of these boxes and yet fails in others. In this Australia Lotto Results and Ticket Checker Android app review we will dig into these areas and see how well the app does overall.

Stand-Out Feature

As you might imagine when reading the name of the app, it is designed to bring you the latest Australian draw results on the move so that you are always up to date. In this area, the developers have done really well. On the home page of the app you are given a list of options for the lottery that you have selected from the available lotteries. The main features are: 

  • Latest Draw Results: At the very top of the home page you will see the results from the latest draw that has taken place for your selected lottery. They are neatly displayed and allow you to choose whether to display them as they were drawn or numerically. These results are headed by the draw number and date of the draw. You are also able to use the navigation arrows next to the date to scroll back to a previous draw.
  • Division Prizes: Underneath the draw results you will be able to check out a prize table that shows the prizes allocated to each of the winning divisions as well as how many winners there were per division (a feature we always maintain should have a place in any lottery results application).

Additional Features

If you continue scrolling on the home page from underneath the Division Prize section, you will see the app also boasts the following features:

  • Check My Ticket: This link directs you to the Check My Ticket section of my app that allows you to enter in your ticket number, which is generally printed at the top of your purchased lottery tickets. The app will then check your ticket against the results and notify you if it is a winner.
  • Watch Draw Video: This is a feature that we have not seen before and yet think is a really nice touch. When clicking on the Watch Draw Video link, the app will open an in-app screen that will play a video recorded from the live draw of the app.
  • Watch Next Draw: This allows you to skip the current draw and watch the next draw video. It must be said that you can only use this link if you have navigated backwards from the most recent draw.
  • Search Results: This nifty search feature allows you to enter in a date and time parameter or draw number and search for what the results of the draw were. The results are then neatly displayed underneath the search bar.
  • Number Frequencies: These handy statistics show you the stats for each number in the lottery and include the frequency that they are drawn, when they were last drawn, as well as what combos they were drawn in (we are led to believe that by this they mean how many weeks they were drawn consecutively). 

Australia Lotto Results and Ticket Checker Android ScreenshotLocation & Lotteries Available

As stated by the name, only lotteries in Australia are supported by the app. You can select which lottery you would like to see the results from using the app menu. These lotteries include:

  • Tatts Lotto
  • OZ Lotto
  • OZ Powerball
  • Set for Life
  • Monday – Wednesday Lotto
  • Lucky Lotteries
  • Super 66 

User Interface & Usability

The app interface is neat and modern. It uses simple colouring that is easy on the eyes and does not dissuade you from digging deeper into the app. The menu (which is a hamburger pop-out menu located on the left of the screen) is also easy to use and navigate from. 

This unfortunately is where the usability ends for the app. While the navigation from screen to screen is fluid when selecting different lotteries, the app is incredibly slow at reading data from the servers (even when using a high-speed Internet connection). We can only assume that this is due to the speed of the actual server and think this is a major let-down for an app that is otherwise quite impressive.


Ads are another area where Australia Lotto Results and Ticket Checker disappointed us. When launching the app, you are greeted with a full-screen banner ad before even seeing the main screen. Once in the app there are also small, unobtrusive banner ads at the bottom of each screen.

While this may not seem like a large amount of ads considering you do not see any more full-screen ads when navigating between different screens, the fact that you see an ad before even seeing the home screen of the app is slightly off-putting.

Conclusion – Australia Lotto Results and Ticker Checker Review

Australia Lotto Results and Ticker Checker does many things right. Unfortunately, it is hindered by an obnoxious ad upon launch and, more importantly, terrible server speeds. If these things can be rectified in a future update, then this would easily be a stand-out application.

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