Arizona Lotto Droid App Review

Many states in America have a unique set of lotteries that are available only to their residents. These lotteries have spawned a new generation of apps that are dedicated to displaying results that are applicable to a particular State. Arizona Lotto Droid is one of the apps that was created for this purpose. In this Arizona Lottery Droid Android app review, we will look at what features the app has and if they are any good.

Stand-Out Feature

Arizona Lotto Droid ReviewThe main feature of Arizona Lotto Droid is simply to show the latest lottery results from different lotteries that take place within Arizona. These results are neatly displayed on the home screen of the app and are accompanied by the date of the draw, the date of the next draw, the previous jackpot, and the estimated jackpot for the next draw.

While this may seem like a basic feature for many lotto apps, this basic feature is enhanced by a full draw history that is accessible by simply clicking on any of the current draw results.

When selecting a current result, a pop-up will ask whether you would like to view the draw history in a list mode or in a calendar format. If you select list format, the app will display a list of results with the draw date attached to each set of results. These results date back more than five years and are also searchable using the date selector at the top of the screen.

If you choose to open the results history in calendar form, your device browser will be directed to the developer’s website (which will display a calendar with the draw results on each draw date). 

Additional Features

Arizona Lotto Droid offers a decent number of additional features for a simple application. These include the following:

  • Arizona Lotto Droid Android ScreenshotSearch: This function allows you to search statistics relating to a specific number. After selecting the lottery of your choice and the number you are looking for, you will be shown a list of statistics about that number’s performance in your selected lottery. These statistics include the last 15 draw results that the number appeared in and the date of those draws, and what percentage of total draws contain your selected number.
  • Generator: Following the growing trend among result applications, Arizona Lotto Droid also has a random number generator feature. This feature can be used to generate random number sequences that can be used to purchase lottery tickets.
  • My Numbers: The My Numbers section of the application allows you to register an account and log in to store your purchased lottery ticket numbers. These numbers are then checked automatically against the latest draw results. Matching numbers are highlighted in blue so that you may easily see if you have any winning numbers.
  • Hot Cold: This feature shows you statistics of which numbers are drawn the most often, which numbers are drawn on a more average basis, and what numbers appear the least often in draw results.
  • Customize*: In this section you will be able to customize which lottery results are displayed on your home screen. Available lotteries are seen by first selecting which State you would like to view (all US States are supported despite the name of the app). Once you have selected the state, all supported lotteries in that State are displayed.

While all these features seem to be great, the problem is that we cannot confirm any of this. All the above information is what we have gathered from reading the in-app descriptions of the features. Unfortunately, when testing the app, attempting to launch any of the above features resulted in the app immediately crashing and Android displaying a crash report. This occurred on three different devices which were all made by separate manufacturers and ran different versions of the Android OS. This is incredibly disappointing and makes what could have been a stellar application seem pointless. 

*This was the one additional feature that was functional during our tests.

Location & Lotteries Available

Because you can select lotteries based on your chosen state, there is a comprehensive list of lotteries supported by the app that is too long to list in this review. However, below are the default lotteries that are enabled for the state of Arizona. 

  • Pick 3
  • Fantasy 5
  • 2 By 2
  • Monopoly
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • The Pick
  • Weekly Winnings
  • All or Nothing: Morning
  • All or Nothing: Evening 

User Interface & Usability

The user interface of Arizona Lotto Droid is nothing to write home about. It uses incredibly basic designs and colours—and not in a good way as is the case with some minimalistic applications. Because of this, the app seems clunky and unrefined. Added to this is the fact that the app is not overly responsive and shows slight delays when navigating. 

Navigation is achieved via the side menu that slides into view from the left of the screen. Unfortunately, the menu also has a problem with its design and development. Because of the transparent background used in the menu, the menu items are hard to see and blend into the background too much to be easily read.


Each page that we were able to navigate to during this review displayed a prominent banner ad that was located just underneath the title bar of each page. While these ads are not intrusive and do not affect the use of the app in any way, they are slightly larger than the ones that we are used to seeing.

Conclusion – Arizona Lotto Droid Review

The developer of Arizona Lotto Droid seemed to have a generally decent idea of what they wanted their application to do. Unfortunately, poor development and no prior testing has resulted in the application being downloadable via the Google Play Store despite more than 70% of the app being unusable. This is not something that is easily forgivable, and we hope that this is purely due to a recent update and will be resolved by the developer in a speedy manner.

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