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Sometimes we hear about an online lottery site that turns out being the exact opposite of what we were expecting. Sweeties Sweeps is most certainly one of these websites. Launched toward the end of 2008, the site is operated by Sweeties Brand Incorporated, and in this Sweetiessweeps.com review we will look at what the site does and how you can use it to win free money and prizes.

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Sweeties Sweeps functions as a community platform for anyone to post their sweepstakes and reach the masses. This means that at any one time, there may be more than 100 different competitions running on the site that offer prizes ranging from cash and cars to baby clothing and store vouchers. If someone is giving it away, chances are good it'll be featured on this site!

How Does it Work?

The site actually functions relatively simply. For one, none of the competitions are actually hosted on the site—meaning that you don’t need to register a player account to use the site (which is fantastic because it probably means less spam in your inbox).

Instead, people and companies that are holding a competition post their sweepstakes on the website. You can view what is available and choose what you would like to enter. Once you have selected, click on the competition to see the competition page.

This competition page will give you all the details about the sweepstakes, including what dates it is running between, what the prizes are, how to enter (this is generally a link to the sponsor website where you can enter online), and the rules for the game.

You can go on and enter into as many of the available sweepstakes as you would like—which could take you a while considering how many there are available. This makes it a fairly unique offering among the various free lotteries that are out there nowadays.

Is Sweetiessweeps.com Legit or a Scam?

No. There is no reason to think that the site is a scam. The reason for this is that you do not have to pay anything to play—meaning that there is not really anything that you can lose. Add to that the fact that all sweeps posted on the website are monitored and checked to ensure that there is nothing dodgy about them, and you can be pretty confident that everything on the site is trustworthy.

User Experience

As great as we think the concept of the site is, we need to say that the design could be improved. Not only is the design of the site incredibly busy, but there is also slight confusion (if you aren’t paying full attention) amongst what is an advert and what is a competition. Other than that, however, the site has a great navigation menu that, once you get the hang of things, is quite solid overall. Though there is no dedicated app, the site worked well on the various iOS and Android devices we tested it on.

SweetiesSweeps Mobile Site

Furthermore, there aren’t that many ads on the site—at least not enough that they will irritate you while you browse. All the ads are also placed in logical areas of each page of the site so that they don’t obstruct the website content. Considering most free money sites, such as PCH Lotto and FreeLotto, are so overloaded with ads that they’ll make you curse under your breath, Sweeties Sweeps offers an extremely welcome change to this norm.

If, however, you would like not to see any ads while browsing the site, there is a ‘secret’ site (which directs you to a new domain called Sweetiessecretsweeps.com) that is completely ad-free. This site also hosts special sweepstakes that do not appear on the main website. Membership to this site will cost you $40 a year, and the website, of course, encourages all players to register for this version of the website.

Sweetiessweeps.com Extras

The only extra available on the site is a free e-book titled Sweeping 101. The book was written by the owner of the website, Wendy Limauge—an avid sweepstakes player since 1993. The book claims to teach you all the things you should and shouldn’t do when looking for and entering sweepstakes.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

Because the site is just a community platform for other companies to post their competitions, there are no payment or withdrawal options available—for the pure reason that they are not needed.

The only thing on the site that requires payment is if you choose to belong to the ‘secret’ site. In that case, the only option that you will have in order to pay your annual membership fee is PayPal.

How to Claim Your Winnings

All prizes and winnings are claimed directly from the company that you have entered into the sweepstakes with. For this reason, there is no one way that we can tell you how to claim your winnings. We assume that each company that is running a competition will reach out and contact the winner of their draw on their own and arrange for their prize to be delivered.

Customer Support

Even though there is not really a need for customer support, the site does offer an online form that is available from a few different pages of the website and allows you to send a message to the operators of the site. If you don’t want to fill out the form online, you can also contact them using the email sweetiessweeps@gmail.com. In addition to this, the site encourages following and interacting with them on their social media platforms (links to which are available on the website).

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

As you probably guessed by now, there are no welcome bonuses or promotions, considering that the entire website is more or less one giant promotion.

Rules and Regulations

Nobody wants rules and regulations when it comes to them having a chance to win free money. Thankfully, the site complies with this, and there are no limitations to who can use the site. Any restrictions on competitions are instead enforced by the people running the different sweepstakes. As mentioned above, the rules and regulations for each game can be viewed on the competition page of the sweepstake that you want to enter.

Sweetiessweeps.com Review Conclusion

Sweetiessweeps.com is definitely not a lottery website, but it is a great new concept that seems to know what they are doing. The site works well to connect people eager to win free stuff with people that like giving free stuff away—and really, what more could you ask for than that? So, if you like entering into competitions without paying a cent (unless you want to be a ‘secret’ member), we recommend heading on over to Sweeties Sweeps and start entering.

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