Prizeloot Review 2024, launched toward the end of 2015, is owned by Sharestakes LLC and operated out of New York City. As is becoming a common theme amongst a variety of lottery websites these days, Prizeloot allows you to enter into lottery draws for free. In this review, we will look at how the site works and how you can use it to win free money to put a few more coins in your pocket—or a cool new toy. 

Prizeloot LogoLotteries Available

The Prizeloot website runs its own ecosystem of lotteries that each give away either a specified prize or a cash value. These prizes are generally ever-changing—although, it does seem that prizes such as the daily $25 Amazon gift card are regular.

Every prize holds a draw that is specific to itself, and each draw has its own set of rules that are explicitly fitted to that draw. Entries into each draw are also limited based on a time factor (which is discussed below). 

How Does it Work?

When first visiting Prizeloot, you will be required to register an account using your email address and a password. Initially, this is the only information that the site needs to allow you to begin playing. Beware, however, because your email inbox is more than likely going to be filled with emails from the website.

Once registered and logged into the site, you will see the variety of draws that you can enter into. Each draw has a prize attached to it, such as a MacBook Air or 50” television. Alternatively, each draw also gives you the option to select a cash payout instead of the prize. This cash payout is generally in line with the value of the prize on offer. An example of this is that if you enter the draw to win the 50” TV, you could instead choose to stand a chance to win $250 cash.

To enter each draw, simply select which option you would like to play for—prize or cash—and click on the prominent ‘Enter to Win’ button. Doing this will generate a digital ticket that will be displayed on your screen. After this, you simply need to wait until the draw takes place. The amount of time remaining until the draw is listed on the main draw page that you see when selecting which prize option you would like.

Each day you are entitled to ten entries into each sweepstake. These entries are, however, split in two. You will be allowed five entries between midnight EST and 15:00 EST and then an additional five entries between 15:00 EST and midnight EST. While we understand that this means that you have to come back again—leading to more ad revenue for the website—it is incredibly annoying not to be able to submit all ten entries at once.

Is Legit or a Scam?

Among the free lotteries that exist nowadays, Prizeloot has a good online reputation with few complaints against it. In addition to this, the site openly displays a list of all its winners. This list is updated every single day and can be viewed as often as you like. However, the main thing that the site has going for itself in convincing us that it is not a scam is the fact that it is entirely free. Other than asking for your email address—which the site owners can’t do much with unless they plan to spam you to death—there is no sensitive information that you have to give the site, and no part of the site ever requests any form of payment. For these reasons, we trust that Prizeloot is legit and are confident that you can too.

Prizeloot Mobile Site ScreenshotUser Experience

While the design of Prizeloot may be great to look at, the functionality of the site is severely lacking. However, this does not present in the way that you may think. The menu is the popular hamburger menu that slides out from the right of the screen, and getting around the site is relatively easy if you know where you are going. Where the whole experience falls apart is when you enter into a draw.

After submitting an entry, the chances are that you would like to submit another. To do this, the site allows you to click the giant ‘Get More Entries’ button displayed at the top of the entry confirmation screen. You may think that this would then take you back to the same entry so that you can submit again, or even back to the main entry screen page. Instead, the site will take you to the winners’ page for you to view all recent winners. From here you will have to navigate back to the main entry screen, search for the prize you would like to submit a second entry for, and then start again.

This redirecting is incredibly annoying if you are submitting more than one entry. While we can understand that it is done for a reason, it is a great way to put people off from submitting extra entries and ultimately using the site.

Aside from the annoying redirect habits of the site, there is also an annoying number of ads on every single page of the website. While we understand that this is how the site makes money and manages to fund the prizes, there is also a limit to how many ads most people are willing to handle. Sadly, Prizeloot toes horribly close to the end of this limit. Extras

Due to the nature of the website, there are no extras available. The only thing that may be considered an extra is the blog that the site runs. This blog, however, is more or less just a page where recent winners are highlighted and the prizes they have won are displayed. This seems like a pointless exercise considering they already have a page dedicated to announcing new winners.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

As the site is completely free, there is no need for payment or withdrawal methods. Clearly then, the site has none.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Prizeloot is great when it comes to claiming your prize. If you happen to be a winner, the site will send an email to your registered email address informing you of your win. If you have chosen to receive a physical prize, they will request the address that you would like your prize to be shipped to and then send it your way. Unfortunately, there is no time frame listed for how long this takes.

If you have chosen the cash option, you will receive your prize either via cheque (which is not a popular option), PayPal, or in the form of an Amazon gift card. PayPal payments and Amazon gift cards will be dispatched relatively quickly since they are delivered through digital channels.

Customer Support

There are almost no customer support options available on the website. The only one that we could find is an online form that you can complete to message the owners of the site. Separate to this, the site directs users to their blog—which is incredibly pointless for support queries—or to their Facebook page. Unfortunately, their Facebook page (at the time of writing this review) was missing.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

As expected, there are no welcome bonuses or promotions available.

Rules and Regulations

In keeping with international standards, you must be over the age of 18 to enter any draws held by Prizeloot. In addition to this, you can only participate if you reside in the USA, the District of Columbia, Canada, or Australia. Even these territories have some restrictions, however, with players from Puerto Rico and Quebec not being able to participate. Review Conclusion

There is not much that we can complain about when a website offers users the chance to win prizes or money without charging them anything. However, while is a generally good site, there are some better alternatives out there that also allow users to play for free. That being said, it will be up to the individual to determine whether the potential prizes of the site outweigh the irritation experienced when using it. If the irritation does prove to be too much for you, many of the best online lottery sites give you a chance to win the jackpots of the world's biggest lotteries for cheap.

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Eli B.

Seems ok but most of these "free" sites seem like they'll waste a lot of your time just for the chance to get some small gift card or other crappy prize

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