Lucky Contests Review 2023

There is one sure-fire way to get a feeling of elation: winning something for free.

Thankfully, nowadays, there are plenty of ways to get this feeling. Especially considering the many free draws available online.

In this review, we will look at one site that gives you access to hundreds of such draws. Each of these gives you a great chance to win some fantastic prizes without costing you a cent.

Lucky Contests LogoHow Does Work?

To start, you should know that does not actually host any draws of their own. Instead, the site is run as a blog that scours the Internet for the most generous free draws and compiles them all into one place.

To make use of the site, you will not need to register a player account. In fact, you won’t need to submit any of your personal details at all.

Instead, all you need to do is browse the many categories of draws to find one that interests you. Once you have found your preferred category, you can view all the available draws.

From these draws, you can select the ones that you would like to take part in. Each draw clearly states its end date and how many entries are allowed.

Another great thing is that each draw also lists what restrictions apply to it. This is mainly just to state what regions are allowed to enter the draw and if any areas are restricted.

Once you have chosen the draw you would like to enter, click on the Enter Here link attached to each draw.

Doing this will redirect you away from to the official site that the draw is being offered on. This is usually the site of the company or brand that is offering the draw.

Once here, you can follow the instructions on the specific site to enter the draw for free.

Is Legit or a Scam?

We believe that is entirely legitimate.

The main reason for this is that it is merely a middle man that allows you to find draws but does not actually have a hand in running the draws.

The only thing that gives us some pause is the terms and conditions.

There is a neat clause hidden in these conditions that states that the site is entirely free to use. However, it also says that the site may start charging for its services at any time.

We understand that this may just be future planning on behalf of the site. It still makes us worry that a site that relies on its reputation of offering free draws is already considering the day that they will need to start charging for their service.

Until that day, however, there’s no reason to doubt anything about it. Mobile SiteUser Experience

Overall, the user experience of the site is nothing to get excited about. The site is built using the basic WordPress theme and doesn’t even have its own favicon (the little icon that appears in the tab of your web browser).

All this aside, the site is easy to navigate using the top menu, which allows you easy access to the different draw categories available.

All other parts of the site can be accessed using the vertical menu on the right side of the site.

As you may expect for a site like this, ads are also very prevalent all over the site. Luckily, they are generally pretty easy to ignore.

However, the one ad that you may not be able to ignore as easily is the pop-up ad that appears each time you try and navigate to a different page on the site.

These ads can be closed by clicking the x located just above the ad. They do still become really annoying very quickly and may make you annoyed enough to simply leave the site in favour of another free lottery site.

The site also works well on mobile devices so that you can see what new draws are added even when you are not near your PC.

Lotteries Available

As mentioned, there are no real lotteries available. Instead, the site loads any free draw it can get information on.

Some of the categories of draws that the site includes are:

  • Cash Prizes
  • Cars
  • Home and Garden
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Electronics
  • Gaming
  • Vacation Extras

There are no extras offered by the site. The only additional option is the ability to register for the site’s newsletter.

This will alert you to new and exciting draws as soon as they become available. If you are willing to risk the possibility of spam, then this may be a worthwhile alert to sign up for. It may make sure that you don’t miss any great draws.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are no payment or withdrawal options on the site. This is because there is no need for you to pay anything to enter any of the draws.

All winnings are also paid out by the individual operators that run the draws. This means that there is no point in the site having any withdrawal option.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Claiming your prize is wholly dependent on what prize you have won and who is operating the draw.

Each draw is administered by a different organisation or person. Because of this, each has its own rules for how winners can claim their prizes.

To help you find out how to claim your prize, includes a second link located next to the Enter Now link underneath each draw.

This link, entitled Rules, provides a direct link to all the terms and conditions attached to a particular draw. This is great because it allows you to quickly check what the claims process is should you become a lucky winner.

Customer Support

The site does host an FAQ section. Sadly, don’t expect any great answers to your questions here. There are only eight questions covered, and most of them are unlikely to be ones that you want to ask.

To make up for this, the site has a Contact Us page that is not even listed in the site menu. To access this page, you will need to navigate to the site’s User Guide and then click the link in the page contents that will direct you to the Contact Us page.

This entire exercise is futile, considering the contact page had no form of contact in any way. There are no online forms, email addresses, or contact numbers. This is not only strange but also a little concerning.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

The site has no welcome bonuses or promotions. This is not disappointing because we didn’t expect any to begin with.

Rules and Regulations

According to the terms and conditions, the only condition to using the site is the standard age limit. However, this is not set at 18 years of age as is usual.

The site says that anybody can make use of the site as long as they are 14 years of age or older. The only other condition is that you must legally be able to enter into contractual agreements with the sites whose contests you sign up for. Review Conclusion

Simply put, this site can help you find plenty of great draws that give you the chance to win fantastic prizes. The upside to this is that you don’t have to register a player account or give the site any of your personal details.

However, there is plenty of room for improvement on this site. From the standard WordPress design and lack of favicon to the endless pop-up ads, the site can make simple changes that would significantly increase usability.

We also hope that the threat of becoming a paid service will never become a reality. Because if it does, then there are plenty of alternative sites that offer the same thing and would make this one instantly redundant.

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