22Lottery Review 2023

Sometimes, the best things in life require patience. But we can all probably agree that waiting for something that we really want is not ideal.

Launched in 2008, 22Lottery.com is a site that is really great at teaching patience. It certainly puts to test the saying that good things come to those who wait.

In this 22Lottery.com review, we will look at what this site is about and how it operates. We will also explain why you need to have A LOT of patience when playing on it.

22Lottery LogoHow Does 22Lottery.com Work?

22Lottery.com offers three great draws. Each of these draws is entirely free to enter and can be played by almost anyone.

The first of these draws is a daily draw that offers a $500 prize. The second is the mega draw with the namesake prize of $22 million. Finally, there is a special bonus draw that even the site has no information about.

To enter into these draws, all you have to do is log onto the site. Once here, you will need to pick five numbers from a number pool ranging from 1 to 30. Following this, you will need to provide your email address to continue and submit your ticket.

Your email address will then be registered on the site and allow you to play every day. Meanwhile, your chosen numbers will be added to the daily draw and the mega draw.

There is, of course, a catch to this. When submitting your email address, you are agreeing to receive promotional material from 22Lottery.com and its third-party affiliates.

If you know anything about the Internet, then you know what that means. Spam.

However, this may seem like a reasonable price to pay, considering you can enter into great lotteries. But before you get too excited, read on.

Is 22Lottery.com Legit or a Scam?

As we mentioned, 22Lottery.com was launched back in 2008 and is registered in Cyprus. Usually, after being around for so long, a site would have a rotten online reputation if it was a scam.

However, we could find no significant complaints against 22Lottery.com. We will admit that this could just be because the site is free to use.

That said, we don’t think you stand anything to lose if you use the site and we are sure it can be trusted.

The site also says that you will not receive any spam after registering. However, we warn you that despite this claim you might still see the amount of spam in your email inbox increase.

22Lottery.com Mobile SiteUser Experience

As far as design goes, 22Lottery.com looks like a colour palette exploded on its homepage. However, while this is usually something that will immediately turn us away, it does not look overly terrible.

The site is missing one incredibly important feature: a top menu navigation bar.

All that the site has in terms of navigation is a tiny row of links at the bottom of each page above the footer. The footer itself is filled with links. Sadly, these are almost all spam and won’t actually help you with anything.

There are also ads prevalent on the site. This is expected, as it is these ads that pay the prizes. Thankfully, they are not overwhelming and can be overlooked.

The one positive is that the site is mobile friendly and can easily be viewed and used on your mobile device. This is handy for if you need to submit your daily numbers while you are out and about.

Overall then, the site is not the greatest to use. But you will still be able to easily submit your daily numbers and then carry on with your day.

Lotteries Available

Like with almost all free lottery websites, there are no big-name lotteries available. The site does hint that there may be some. However, all these are hosted by theLotter, which the site links to.

The only lotteries actually offered by the site are the three mentioned at the start of this review. However, we are not sure if there are really three, as we were unable to find any information about the special bonus offer.

What we can say is that the lotteries are where this site becomes interesting. Let us start with the major $22 million draw.

For starters, this draw is not scheduled to take place until December 2032. Yup, you read correctly, 2032. That is a ridiculously long time to wait for a single draw.

Another kicker for this draw is that the $22 million prize will not be paid as a lump sum. It will be paid as $1 million over 22 years. This means you will be waiting even longer for your prize.

If you think that things get better with the daily draw, we are about to disappoint you.

While the site states that winners will be chosen at 5:00 pm each day, the terms and conditions state something different. According to the terms and conditions, winners for the daily draws will only be chosen on the last calendar day of each month.

This means that, even for the daily draws, you will need to have patience to see if you are actually a winner.

22Lottery.com Extras

There are no real extras offered by the site. These you can only really expect from official online lottery sites.

If you look at the site footer, however, it would appear that there are many extras. These include:

  • Free Lottery Software: This is a link to a page writing all about how great lottery software is to improve your chances of winning. It also offers the Silver Lotto System, which we have previously reviewed.
  • Lottery Systems: The site offers an explanation of what lottery systems are and how they can help you win.
  • Other Casino Games: There is a page dedicated to explaining what the different types of casino games that you can play elsewhere are. This includes explanations for poker, roulette, and even sudoku.
  • Lottery Website Reviews: The site has reviews for two major online lottery sites: PlayHugeLottos.com and theLotter.com.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There is no need for any payment method, as the lottery is entirely free to enter. The site actually even states that making a payment will not increase your chances of winning.

When it comes to withdrawal options, the site makes no mention of what providers are supported.

All that is stated is that, following a win, you will be offered one of the site’s available means of payment.

This is very vague and is something that we think should be stated outright. After all, you want to be sure that you can at least claim your prize via a provider you know and trust.

How to Claim Your Winnings

According to the website, you will be contacted via email should you be lucky enough to become a winner. You can also log into the website to see if you are a winner.

To claim your prize, all you will need to do is follow the steps in the email you receive or online.

These steps include verifying your eligibility to claim a prize. This can easily be done by submitting proof of your identity to the site. You may also be asked for proof of your residential address.

Once you have done this, an agent from the site will assist you in your claims process.

Customer Support

There is a help section on the site that has a very basic FAQ available. This section will answer some of your most basic questions. Still, it will also probably leave you with even more questions unanswered.

The only real way to contact support is via the site’s online contact form. It is stated that you will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

As you can imagine, there are no welcome bonuses for new players or promotions.

Rules and Regulations

The site imposes no limits on who can participate. It even fails to mention a specific age restriction, something that almost every other online lottery site states clearly.

Instead, the site simply states that you are only allowed to play if you know that it is legal to do so at your current age and in your current territory.

This is great if you are living anywhere that online lotteries are generally banned. For example, this rule makes this site a viable option if you are looking for a free online lottery for real money in India.

22Lottery.com Review Conclusion

22Lottery.com has a great concept. Using a great daily draw to attract traffic to the website is a wise idea. Especially when this ad revenue is saved up for a massive $22 million jackpot prize.

Sadly, this great concept is ruined by its execution.

There is no reason that a jackpot draw should take 24 years to happen. There is also no valid reasoning behind choosing winners for a daily draw only once a month.

If you have the patience to wait that long, then, by all means, make full use of this site and enter every day. However, if you don’t, we strongly recommend you look at the many great lottery sites that regularly offer much more exciting prizes.

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