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Foothills Hospital Home Lottery ReviewWith the wide variety of charity home lotteries available today, it is sometimes difficult to figure out which one to purchase tickets for. Thankfully, aside from the fact that they all support unique causes that help in different areas, each lottery is also unique when it comes to the prizes on offer and what extras are available. In this Foothills Hospital Home Lottery review, we will look at one such lottery and see what makes it different from the rest.


The Foothills Home Lottery is run and managed by the Calgary Health Trust—a foundation that oversees the fundraising and betterment of six hospitals operating within Calgary, Canada, including the Foothills Hospital.

The lottery was started as a way to raise funds, and all profits from the lottery are funnelled into the research of better medical equipment and technologies as well as training in specialist areas. This all helps to contribute to the success of the over 21,000 surgeries that take place at the Foothills Hospital each year.


There are a total of 4,005 prizes available for the main lottery, including all of the additional draws (which are covered later in this article). When considered against the fact that there are only 154,000 tickets sold for the lottery, it is easy to realise that this lottery offers really good odds—certainly better than the vast majority of traditional lotteries around the world.

Unfortunately, the price of a single ticket is not as exciting as the odds of winning a prize. Tickets cost $100 each but are available at discount prices for bulk purchases. Three tickets are available for $250 and five tickets can be purchased for $375—which is pretty standard fare for Canadian home lotteries.


The main prize on offer in this lottery is a $2.6 million show home that features over 5,700 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, and a two-storey wine cellar that has access to a hidden movie theatre. The house also comes fully furnished and decorated thanks to a team of interior decorators that make sure that the home is stunning both inside and out. Here's a video of the gorgeous 2019 grand prize show home:

In addition to the great house, the winner of this fantastic prize will also receive $100,000 in cold, hard cash.


As mentioned above, there is a range of other draws hosted by the lottery so that players who are not lucky enough to win the grand prize still stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. These extra draws include:

  • Early Bird: The early bird prize is a $1.1 million Canmore condo that, like the grand prize, comes fully furnished by interior decorators. Players who purchase their tickets to the main draw before a date specified by the lottery are automatically entered into this draw without any extra effort.
  • 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar: For players who would like to spend a little extra, there is $3,000 on offer every day for 100 days. The draws kick off with a starting prize of $50,000 and then continue for an additional 99 days. Tickets for these draws cost $25 each. However, it is possible to purchase three tickets for $50 or six tickets for $75.   
  • 50/50: The lottery also hosts a 50/50 draw that offers a jackpot that is determined by the total number of tickets sold. At the time of this review, the jackpot available was $705,925 and growing. The winner of this draw will take half of this amount and the other half will be donated to the Foothills Hospital. Tickets for this draw are priced the same as the tickets for the 100 Days of Winning Cash Calendar draw.

In addition to these draws, there are a variety of extra draws that serve up prizes such as international vacations, vehicles, sports packages, and leisure activities.  


All winners will be notified of their win by the lottery operator. If 12 months pass without the winner claiming their prize, the prize will be forfeited. During these 12 months, the lottery commits to repeatedly attempt and contact the winner regarding the claiming of their prize.

For the winner of the grand prize, the lottery will facilitate the transfer of the property into the name of the winner and will pay all costs associated with changing the ownership of the property.


Tickets for the main Foothills Hospital Lottery and any additional draws may not be purchased by anybody who assists in the operation of the lottery, the building, decorating, or transfer of the grand prize or any additional prizes. This limitation is extended to the spouses and roommates of all the parties mentioned above.

The only other rules regarding the sale of tickets are that players must be 18 years of age or older and that tickets must be purchased within the borders of Alberta, Canada. This means that only players who are physically within the province of Alberta may take part in the lottery.

Foothills Hospital Home Lottery Grand Prize Showhome KitchenCONCLUSION

The Foothills Lottery is run to support a great cause that we can completely agree with helping out as well. The fact that the lottery has great odds and multiple additional draws and offers fantastic prizes does nothing to hurt our opinion of this lottery. In fact, we encourage anybody who is currently in Alberta to get out there and purchase a ticket for the next draw as soon as they can. The home of your dreams might be closer in your future than you think!


All prize, draw, and lottery information mentioned in this review was relevant and correct at the time of writing this lottery. As is the nature with these types of lotteries, all this information is subject to change upon short notice. For this reason, we encourage all potential players to visit the official lottery website and confirm the details of the current upcoming draw to ensure that they understand what the prizes and rules regarding the current draw are.

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Alistair P.

I used to play/support this lottery every year while I was living in Alberta. Missing it now that I'm in Manitoba!

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