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Cancer Research UK Lottery ReviewCharity lotteries are common throughout the world and help people contribute to worthy causes while giving them the chance to win something back. These lottery draws vary from giving away houses and holidays to cash prizes. In this UK Cancer Research charity lottery review, we will look at a lottery that supports a worthy cause and gives you a chance to increase the amount of money in your piggy bank.


The UK Cancer Research lottery is organised by Cancer Research UK—a registered charity that aims to further research into cancer prevention, treatment, and cure. The organisation began the lottery draw as a way to raise funds that can be put towards its research. Unfortunately, there is no word as to when the lottery was started, so we cannot say how long it has been helping cancer research and giving people some extra pocket money.

How to Play UK Cancer Research Lottery

Cancer Research UK Weekly LotteryAs with many other charity lotteries in the UK, this lottery does not function like any other traditional lottery. Instead, it works more as a sweepstake or raffle. This is because rather than selecting a series of numbers that you would like to enter into the draw when signing up, the lottery will automatically allocate you a lottery number. This number is randomly chosen by the lottery and will remain your lottery number for the duration of the time that you decide to participate in the draws held by the lottery.

A lotto number in the UK Cancer Research lottery will cost you £1. However, unlike some similar lotteries run in the UK, this lottery does not seem to allow you to purchase additional numbers. This is usually done to try and increase your chances of winning.

So, after purchasing your single unique lottery number, you will only need to continue as usual until the time of the draw to see if you are a winner of one of the 500 weekly prizes. Draws are done by an external lottery manager to ensure that they are handled according to UK lottery laws and that they are fairly completed.

In addition to the weekly draws held by the lottery, there are also three Super Draws held each year. The dates for these draws are announced on the official lottery website and are subject to change. These draws operate in the same way as the standard lottery draws except that they generally offer much higher jackpots that the regular draws.

Odds of Winning

The lottery has not made any odds of winning available for this draw. This is not a surprise considering that the odds of each draw are highly dependent on the number of people who have purchased tickets for the particular draw. Due to the nature of the lottery, and the fact that many people buy tickets or cancel their tickets each week, it is understandable that no odds are available.

UK Cancer Research Lottery Payout Chart

Prize Tier

Prize Amount

Number of Prizes Available

1st Prize



2nd Prize



3rd Prize



4th Prize



5th Prize



Super Draw



Drawing Time

While we do know that the lottery draw takes place each week on a Friday, there is no mention as to the exact time that the draw takes place. The only thing that the lottery mentions is that, in the case where a Friday falls on a UK banking holiday, the draw will be held on the soonest following working day.

Cancer Research UK Lottery Winner Laura GrayBiggest Jackpots

As with most charity lotteries, the highest jackpot is small but still nothing to complain about. The largest jackpot ever paid out by the UK Cancer Research lottery is the £15,000 paid during the three annual Super Draws. This amount is unlikely to climb higher unless the lottery announces an increase in the jackpot amount.

Payout Options

Because none of the winning amounts are excessively large, the only payout option is a lump sum payment. This payment will automatically be sent to winners in the form of a cheque that will be posted no later than 28 days from the date of the draw. Because of this, winners do not need to worry about having to claim their prize. They only need to ensure that their current physical address is correctly listed with the lottery.


Lottery winnings that are acquired in the United Kingdom are not subjected to any taxes. This means that if you win the £1,000 jackpot, you will be able to receive a cheque for the full amount of £1,000.

How to Play UK Cancer Research Lottery Online

All online sales of tickets are handled directly by the lottery and are only available through the official UK Cancer Research lottery website. However, even though it is possible to purchase tickets through the official website, only residents of the UK who are 16 years of age and older are eligible to participate.

UK Cancer Research Lottery – Is It Worth Playing?

Foregoing the fact that this lottery donates its profits to a cause that we think everybody on earth should support, this lottery is a great one in our opinion. Sure, the jackpots won't change your life forever, but the lottery is run well and offers decent prizes for the cost of a ticket. 

Most importantly, it does something that we believe to be incredibly important: it allows you to contribute to something that could potentially make a life-changing difference in the lives of countless people across the globe.

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Cheap tix decent prizes and supports a great cuase. Whats not to like ?

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