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Cash 3 TN ReviewLotteries that do things slightly differently may initially be frowned upon by sceptical and/or traditional players. However, these lotteries often offer new and innovative ways to play and can be something that millions will love. In this Tennessee Lottery Cash 3 review, we will look at a game that does things slightly differently and see how you can win in a variety of different ways.


The draw is run by the Tennessee Lottery, an organisation run by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation, founded in June 2003. The first drawing-style ever launched by the lottery happened to be Cash 3, which was launched on March 1, 2004. The lottery, like so many others, was started as a way to fund education and scholarships in the state. Since then, the lottery game has grown in popularity and is now a popular favourite for players across the state.

How to Play Cash 3 Tennessee Lottery

How to Play Cash 3 TNAt first, this lottery seems incredibly easy to play. You will need to pick a sequence of three numbers. Each number that you choose must be between one and nine. These numbers will be your playable number sequence and will be used to determine your prize if you are a winner. However, there are two more steps before you may purchase your ticket.

After selecting your numbers, you will need to choose a gameplay style for your numbers. There are four plays available:

  • Exact Order: For this play, your three numbers will need to match the three numbers drawn by the lottery in the precise order. An example is if you select 5, 9, and 8 as your numbers, the numbers drawn will have to be in the order of 5, 9, and 8. Tickets for this play can be purchased in bets of either $0.50 or $1.
  • Any Order: This style of play requires you to match only the numbers that you have chosen with those drawn. These numbers can be in any order and do not have to correspond with the order that the winning numbers are drawn. Both 3-way and 6-way bets are allowed for this game style, and tickets can be purchased for $0.50 or $1.
  • Exact or Any Order: This play allows the best of both the exact order and any order plays. Regardless of whether your number order matches exactly with those drawn or if they are in a different sequence, as long as your numbers are the same digits as those drawn, you will be a winner. As with the above play, you may select between 3-way or 6-way play when purchasing your ticket, which is only available for $1.
  • Combo: This playstyle covers all possible exact 3-digit combinations drawn, regardless of the order in which they are drawn. The combo style allows 3-way or 6-way plays. Depending on which combo you would like to play, tickets cost either $3 or $6.

Once you have selected your style of play, you will need to decide whether or not to enable the Lucky Sum. This add-on costs the same amount as the bet amount you are making and gives you the chance to win $500 for a $1 bet or $250 for a $0.50 bet. Lucky Sum works by adding your three numbers together and seeing if they are equal to the sum of the three numbers drawn by the lottery. An example of this is if you play the numbers 8, 5, and 1. If the winning numbers drawn are 4, 7, and 3, then you will have won (8+5+1 = 14 = 4+7+3).

Once you have decided if you’d like to add Lucky Sum to your play, you are free to buy your ticket and wait until the next draw to see if you are a winner.

Odds of Winning

The odds of winning are highly reliant on what style of play you select when purchasing your ticket. The best odds offered by the game are for the 6-way any order and 6-way exact or any order playstyles. The odds for these two methods of play are 1 in 166. The worst odds are 1 in 1,000 and apply to the exact order and 6-way combo playstyles.

Cash 3 Tennessee Payout Chart

Game Style

Prize ($0.50 bet)

Prize ($1 bet)

Odds of Winning

Exact Order



1 in 1000

3-way Any Order



1 in 333

6-way Any Order



1 in 166

3-way Exact or Any Order


$330 (Exact Order)

$80 (Any Order)

1 in 333

6-way Exact or Any Order


$290 (Exact Order)

$40 (Any Order)

1 in 166

*3-way Combo



1 in 1,000

**6-way Combo



1 in 1,000   

*Tickets for this playstyle cost $3 per bet.

**Tickets for this playstyle cost $6 per bet.  

Drawing Time

Draws are held three times every day except Sundays—where only the evening draw is held. The draws take place at 9:28 AM, 12:28 PM, and 6:28 PM (CDT).

Cash 3 TN $500 PrizeBiggest Jackpots

Because the game uses a static jackpot, the biggest jackpot ever won (and currently available) is $500. This, of course, depends on your bet type, and to get this amount, you will need to play the combo game method.

Payout Options

Due to the relatively small amounts that are paid out to winners, the only option available is a cash lump sum.


One excellent fact about Cash 3 Tennessee is that Tennessee is one of only ten US states that do not charge any taxes on lottery winnings. Although winners of big jackpots in other lotteries are normally subject to the federal lottery tax of 24%, this only applies to prizes of $5,000 or higher—meaning it wouldn’t apply to any Cash 3 prizes.

How to Play Cash 3 Tennessee Online

There are currently no online lottery websites that support the sale of Tennessee lottery tickets. This means that you will need to go to a verified retailer to purchase your ticket physically.

Cash 3 Tennessee Lottery – Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, this lottery is definitely worth playing. While there may not be huge jackpots on offer, Cash 3 Tennessee puts a unique and exciting spin on traditional lotteries. It makes the draw into something that players can experiment with to maximise their chances of winning. From the various playstyles to the Lucky Sum add-on, this lottery is packed full of great gameplay.

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Kenny D.

I ain't play lotto all to often but when I do it is games that I actually stand a chance of winning. And I have won some decent prizes through Cash 3 over the years.

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