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There are many benefits to playing in a charity home lottery. The biggest of these is, of course, the knowledge that you are giving something back.

However, this does not diminish the fact that you stand a chance of winning great prizes. After all, this is the main reason that you are probably looking at a lottery, right?

In this Raffle House Lottery review, we will look at how this lottery operates. We will see who it benefits and how you can use it to win awesome prizes.

Raffle House LogoHistory and Cause of Raffle House Lottery

Raffle House Lottery is a relatively new charity lottery. The site appears to have only been launched at the beginning of 2020. It is owned and operated by Raffle House Limited, which is registered in England and Wales.

It is stated that the raffle aims to help give people who would otherwise never be able to afford a house of their own. It is no surprise then that the site supports charities that are in line with this view.

Three charities are supported by the site. Each of these charities focuses on people dealing with homelessness. This means that each ticket sold on the site helps to aid those in need of housing.

The three charities that are given support from the site include Emmaus, Housing for Women, and Center Point. Each of these is an established charity that has been helping people for many years.

There is, however, one gripe that we have regarding the site’s support of these charities. That is that only 2.5% of ticket sales gets donated to them. The rest of the revenue received by the site is used to cover the cost of the prizes and the running of the site.

While this is understandable, most charity home lotteries attempt to get their prizes sponsored rather than having to pay for them. Regardless, the fact that charities are supported by the site is still a great thing.

Raffle House Lottery Odds & Ticket Prices

For the main home draw, there are 650,000 tickets available. These tickets all need to be sold before the main draw will take place.

This means that if you purchase just one ticket, you will have odds of winning of 1 in 650,000. This is substantially more than almost any of the other big well-known lotteries, including UK Lotto and Thunderball.

Tickets are available for just £2 each. This ticket includes entry into the main "Jackpot Property Prize Draw" and the "Weekly Lifestyle Prizes Draw." The weekly draw is filled with an assortment of great prizes that we will mention later in this review.

There is also a way to enter the lottery draw entirely free of charge. To do this, you will need to send your entry into Raffle House via the postal service. This is limited to residents of the UK.

To enter for free, simply follow the instructions listed on the website and mail in your entry. Mobile SiteThe Grand Prize

While some charity home lotteries give grand prize winners a choice between different prizes, that is not the case with Raffle House. Instead, there is a set property that is available as the grand prize of each draw.

During our review, this property is a stunning home valued at £750,000. The home includes two spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The total size of this beautiful home is 1,055 square feet. The best thing, however, is that the house is located in London. This makes it the perfect home if you are looking to be in the city and near to everything.

Additional Draws and Prizes

As mentioned above, each ticket sold includes entry into a weekly draw. The great thing is that this draw has four different tiers of prizes.

To determine which tier of prize you will qualify for, the site will look at how much you spent on your tickets in the week preceding the draw.

Purchasing one ticket for £2 will gain you entry into the blue tier weekly draw. Spending £10 will qualify you for the bronze tier, £20 will give you access to the sliver tier, and buying £40 of tickets will enter you into the gold tier draw.

Each of these tiers has a variety of different prizes available each week. Since these change regularly, it is always best to check the site to see what is currently available.

At the time of our review, the following prizes were available for the different prize tiers:

Blue Tier

  • Alexa home bundle or £250 in cash
  • Facebook Portal Plus or £250 in cash
  • Apple Watch SE or £250 in cash
  • Segway electric scooter or £250 in cash
  • Ultimate streaming package with Netflix, Disney+, and BritBox or £250 in cash

Bronze Tier

  • iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard or £1,000 in cash
  • Christian Louboutin bundle or £1,000 in cash
  • Louis Vuitton Keepall or £1,000 in cash
  • PureGym membership for one year or £1,000 in cash
  • Prada re-edition shoulder bag or £1,000 in cash

Silver Tier

  • Sony Bravia 55” and Sonos home cinema bundle or £2,500 in cash
  • Apple MacBook Pro or £2,500 in cash
  • Fendi Peekaboo X-Tote handbag or £2,500 in cash
  • Tiffany & Co. T-Ring or £2,500 in cash
  • Peloton Bike and extras or £2,500 in cash

Gold Tier

  • 2007 BMW Z4 with 38,000 miles
  • Seven-day all-inclusive holiday to Antigua or £5,000 in cash
  • Tiffany & Co. Diamond T-Ring or £5,000 in cash
  • Magnet 8-unit Kitchen with consultation or £5,000 in cash
  • Vespa electric scooter or £5,000 in cash
  • Ultimate Apple bundle, including a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro or £5,000 in cash

In addition to all the prizes listed above, there is also a £1,000 cash draw held weekly. To be eligible for this draw, you will need to spend a minimum of £20 on tickets.

Prize Collection

According to the Raffle House’s terms and conditions, all winners will be notified if they are eligible to claim a prize. For the home winner, the process of claiming is pretty great.

The site will cover all costs related to transferring their new property into their name as well as any additional fees. This means that you will not have to worry about paying anything to receive your prize if you win the dream home.

All other winners will also be notified via email and will need to liaise with the site to claim their prize.

Part of the claims process will include submitting your identity document to prove your identity.

Rules for the Raffle House Lottery

There are only two rules regarding entry into any of the draws hosted by the site. The first of these is that you must be 18 years of age or older. This is a standard rule that is not surprising.

The second rule is also common for home lotteries. It is that you may not enter if you are in any way affiliated with Raffle House. This includes if you are the direct family member of somebody who is involved with the site in any way.


If you are looking for a great charity home lottery that offers plenty of prizes to win, Raffle House is a great option.

We indeed wish more of the revenue raised went to the actual charities. However, with a large number of prizes available, we still think that this draw is excellent.

The fact that the claims process of the site is also so streamlined is another feather in the cap of this site.

So, if you are looking to give back to those in need and standing a chance to win great prizes, we recommend visiting Raffle House and seeing which prizes you would like to compete for.


As mentioned above, the prizes available on the site are updated weekly. Therefore, it is possible that the prizes listed above are not always available.

Because of this, we recommend visiting the site to see what the current batch of prizes is. That way, you will always know what great prizes you can win.

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Allison W.

I was excited about this lottery because I love to support charity lotteries, but I'm disappointed that only 2.5% of the revenues actually go to support the good causes. Really doesn't seem like much. Aside from that, seems like a great lottery to play.

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