Win Prizes Online Review 2023

Searching for a place to enter free lotto draws online can be a daunting activity. After all, you are likely to receive thousands of results in a matter of seconds.

The problem with this is trying to discern what is a scam and what is legitimate. Luckily, we love looking into these sites to try and discover if they are what they say they are.

In this review, we will look at a site that certainly looks appealing at first glance. We will also see what the site offers and if it is worth checking out.

Win Prizes Online LogoHow Does Work?

Like some other free lotto websites, is not a site that actually hosts any free draws.

Instead, this site is more of a community forum that alerts you to free draws happening elsewhere. These draws include many different types of sweepstakes and contests.

To use the site, it is not necessary to register a player account. However, it is recommended by the site that you do so.

Registering enables you to track your entries and participate on the community message board. If you are not worried about doing either of these, there is no real reason to register.

If, however, you want to, registration is speedy. Aside from being able to log in with Facebook, you can also enter your personal details and register with your email address.

Whether you register or not, you can look through the available draws until you see one you like.

Once you find one you would like to enter, simply click on it. From the info screen for the draw, you will be able to follow a link to enter.

This link will always take you away from You will instead be directed to the official website of whoever is organising the draw. From there, you can enter.

Is Legit or a Scam?

This site has been around for a long time already. To be more precise, since 2005.

The fact that it still exists and has an active user base clearly shows that it is not a scam.

Besides, there is nothing you stand to lose by using the site aside from possibly some of your time. After all, all the sweepstakes offered on the site are free to enter.

This means that the only negative thing you may experience is spam emails in your inbox. Even this, however, is only if you register using your email address. Since this (luckily) isn’t mandatory, it’s easy to avoid. Mobile SiteUser Experience

The site is relatively attractive to look at. This is clearly because it has recently gone through an entire overhaul.

Traces of the old site still remain, however. On some pages, you get a glimpse of a much less pretty site that was clearly the old version.

We will admit, it is slightly worrying that the guys behind the site forgot to update all the site pages at once. However, this does not detract from the newer and more modern design.

This new design has a great top menu bar that allows you to navigate around the site easily. For all other links, you can get around using the bottom footer menu.

There is also no mobile application for accessing the site’s content. Thankfully, the site is mobile responsive and works well when you are on the move.

Lotteries Available

WinPrizesOnline has a massive number of draws for people to enter.

The group behind the site says that they do daily research on the newest free draws. They then get all the info on these draws and post them on the site.

This info is then available for you to browse and use when choosing what draw to enter. And there is no shortage of draws.

From Amazon gift cards to cash prizes, there are draws for almost every prize category. The great thing is, of course, that they are all free to enter. Extras

There are a few things to mention here.

The first is that the site also lists contests, free stuff, and coupons. Sadly, it looks like this part of the site has either died or is not yet developed.

Each of the tabs mentioned above is without any content. Clicking on them gives you a blank page with the top menu bar and nothing else.

Aside from the empty site sections, the site also has a Winner Circle and Winner’s Club. These are both pretty much the same thing.

These pages are places where winners can share their success. This is mainly just to show other players that it is possible to win via the draws posted on the site.

It is a nice touch, in our opinion, and it adds credibility to the site.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

As mentioned, all draws happen off the site and are free. This means that there is clearly no reason to have any payment or withdrawal options.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Each of the many draws is administered by different organisers. This means that each draw has unique rules on how to claim your prize.

When it comes to sweepstakes, there is one thing we always say to all players. That one thing is that you should always check how to claim your prize when entering.

That way, if you do win, you will already know what process to follow. This saves you time in claiming your prize and gives you confidence in claiming what you have won.

Customer Support

The support section is one of the parts of the site that has yet to undergo the new design change.

Regardless, the site does offer up a support email address for any queries. This address is

There is also an online live chat function. This did not work the entire time we were reviewing the site. We are not sure if it actually works at all if we are honest.

The only other way to contact the site is via their snail mail address. But we cannot think of who would actually make use of this method.

However, it may be the only option, as there are no other ways to contact support. Sadly, not even a simple online form.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

If you decide to register, you will not be receiving any welcome bonus. It also does not appear as if the site hosts any promotions.

This is exactly what we expected and is nothing shocking.

Rules and Regulations

The site does not have any rules regarding who can use it. However, we have guessed that only residents of the USA and Canada should bother registering and account.

The reason for this is that all the sweepstakes offered are only open to residents of the US or Canada.

One thing to remember, as well, is that each draw has its own rules. These dictate who can enter each draw and what makes a winner eligible to claim.

As with the claims process, it is best to read these before entering. Review Conclusion

This website is certainly not an online lottery agent. In fact, it does not even allow you to enter any draws of its own.

However, it is a great portal to see what other free draws are out there.

We are slightly annoyed by the fact that the site has different designs on different pages. We are also sad that there is nothing in listed in three of the four categories offered by the site.

Those issues aside, this is still a decent site that could prove of some use to you if you are looking for free draws.

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