The Freebie Guy Review 2024

Websites that list sweepstakes and free draws are evolving practically day by day.

The Freebie Guy ReviewThis evolution leads sites to add new features, make it easier to enter these great free draws, and sometimes add even more freebies.

In this review, we will look at a site that is all about freebies. We will look at what the site offers and what you can benefit in by using it.

How Does Work? is a free sweepstakes site. If you have never come across one of these before, let us explain what this is.

Sites such as the Freebie Guy spend time searching the Internet for all the latest and greatest free draws and sweepstakes. The teams doing this then check the draws' validity, get all the information on them, and then post them in one place.

This allows you to save the hours you would otherwise spend looking online for these draws by finding them all in one convenient place.

In this website's case, there is no need to register a user account to make use of the site’s services. Simply visit the site and start searching for a sweep that grabs your attention.

Once you have found such a sweep, you can click on the title to find out more information about it. The site lists what the draw entails, the exact prizes, how many times or how often you can enter, when the draw ends, and who is eligible to enter.

Where possible, there is also a link provided to the official rules of each draw. This is something that we love and think that all sweeps sites should provide.

In addition to all the above, each draw listing also hosts an entry link. Clicking this link will take you away from and to the official site of the brand or company hosting the sweep. Here, you can follow the prompts to submit your entry.

Is Legit or a Scam?

There is little doubt that the Freebie Guy is a legitimate site. For one, the website has been in existence for a number of years, and there are no negative user comments about it online. This is already a really good sign.

However, more than this is the fact that all the draws listed on the site are free to enter. This greatly mitigates the risk of being scammed.

Finally, not needing to register a player account is another big plus for the website because you don’t have to provide any of your personal information. As such, you don’t really stand much chance of receiving too much spam. Mobile SiteUser Experience

Using the site is actually a fairly pleasant experience, for the most part.

The design of the site is modern, and all the graphics used are of high quality. The minimal colouring used also makes all splashes of colour stand out and look very intentional.

Navigating around the site is easy. You can do this by using the split top menu bar. The top half of the menu takes you to all the major site pages. The bottom half gives you the links to common pages, such as Contact.

Visiting the website on a mobile device is also fairly decent. The site fits on the smaller screen quite well, and you can use the features available as well as on a desktop.

There is, however, a major downfall to this otherwise good user experience. As you can probably already guess, this downfall is ads.

There are ads everywhere.

Massive banner ads that display two in a row, ads that pop up from the bottom of your screen, and ads that appear when you try navigating to a different page.

We can think of no excuse for this amount of ads, and we are sad to say that the ads take away from all the good points in terms of how you use the site.

Lotteries Available

As is common with sweep sites, you won’t find any lotteries on Amazingly, however, you also won’t find any prize categories for the available sweeps.

This is a very uncommon occurrence. In truth, we are battling to think of why the available draws aren’t searchable according to prize categories. This will make your time spent finding a draw to enter significantly longer. Extras

When it comes to additional features, that is the one area that the Freebie Guy really shines in. There are plenty of great extra freebies available on the site. These are:

  • Newsletter: This is a common feature that allows you to register your email address to receive newsletters containing all the latest draws and sweeps. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t specify how often this newsletter goes out. So, by registering, you may be opening yourself up to a whole lot of spam.
  • Online Deals: This great section of this site is a place to find all the best deals and sales available online. These deals all feature the link to the store where the item or service is on sale. This makes it easy for you to go from browsing to shopping in just a few clicks.
  • Free Samples: If you are somebody who loves receiving free samples, this part of the site is for you. Here, you will find plenty of posts featuring samples that you can apply to receive. These range from makeup to chocolate fudge brownies.
  • Penny List: The Dollar General Penny List is the ultimate guide to shopping on a budget. This weekly list features all the best buys you can get by spending only a few, you guessed it, pennies.
  • The Freebie Guy’s Guides: This part of the site gives you access to various video guides made by the Freebie Guy himself. These include how to win instant games and penny shopping for beginners.
  • Birthday Freebies: Receiving something for free on your birthday is always a special feeling. This page gives you a comprehensive list of all places that give you a free item on your birthday. What you can expect to receive is also included.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

There are no payment or withdrawal options listed on the site. This is because all draws posted are entirely free to enter.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Each competition listed on the site has its own unique procedure for claiming a prize if you are a winner. This process is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of each sweep.

Thankfully, because of the handy link to these rules posted with each draw, you will easily be able to check these processes before you enter a draw.

Customer Support

Customer support is one area that is severely lacking on the site. In fact, there is only one way to access support. This is by submitting your query using the provided online form.

Rules and Regulations

The website is entirely moot on who may or may not use it. Due to this lack of restrictions, anybody worldwide is free to visit and use the features listed.

However, considering that almost all sweeps listed are only eligible to US residents, we don’t see the point in visiting the site if you aren’t living in America. Review Conclusion

The additional features of are not something we expected. Nor is it something that we are even close to complaining about.

These extras are really something, and adding them to the decent way that sweeps are presented, there is not much not to like about this website.

If there was anything we think could be improved, it is the customer service and the fact that sweeps are not listed by prize category.

Improving these two areas would really make this site stand out. That, and removing 90% of the annoying ads, of course.

So, if you are in the US, we recommend visiting this site if you love freebies. After you learn to ignore the endless ads, you may find something you really like.

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