Sweepon Review 2023

There are many websites today that promise the world. But in reality most of these sites only manage to provide a stone at best.

In this Sweepon.com review, we will look at another site that says it can do it all. In addition to showing what it’s all about, we will see if this statement is true or if the site is just blowing smoke.

Sweepon LogoHow Does Sweepon.com Work?

Sweepon acts as the home base for countless sweepstake draws. Each of these draws is sponsored by advertisers, which allows all entries to be free.

To use the site, you do not need to register a player account. This is an excellent feature, as many other free lotto sites still require you to register.

When visiting the site, you will find endless sweepstakes to enter. You can search via different categories to find the ones you want to enter most.

Once you have found these draws, simply enter your email address. The site requires this so that they can contact you if you win.

After you have entered your email address, you come upon the catch. This catch is what allows your entry into draws to be free.

You will be forced to watch a video ad, complete a mini-game, or complete a survey. Only once you have completed one of these tasks will your entry be confirmed.

This is annoying, to say the least. Especially considering other sites don’t have this as a requirement at all.

However, it is bearable considering you stand a chance to win a variety of great prizes. These prizes include cash, gift cards, tech, and vacations.

Is Sweepon.com Legit or a Scam?

The site has a rather massive number of terms and conditions. Most of these are just to protect themselves and you.

In fact, you have nothing to worry about when using the site because of these detailed terms and conditions.

Aside from this, the site has been around a while. During this time, we were unable to find any reports of people complaining they did not receive their prize.

Also, all the draws are free to enter. This means there is nothing that you stand to lose regardless.

The only thing that you may have to worry about is spam emails. This is an acceptable worry though, considering what you could win for free.

Sweepon.com Mobile SiteUser Experience

The website is very basic and relatively modern. It is clear that the developer has used the less is more approach when designing the site.

Each page is neatly laid out with only a set number of sweepstakes displayed. However, it is easy to see more by navigating to the next page.

It is also easy to search open draws according to category. This is because all categories are listed in the top menu bar. This bar makes getting around the site a breeze.

For any other links, you can use the bottom footer menu to get around.

The site is also mobile responsive. We assume this is by design considering there is no dedicated mobile app for the site.

Lotteries Available

As we said, this is not our average online lottery site. As such, you will probably not be used to any of the draws offered.

These draws are so diverse that they can offer you anything from money to makeup. You never know until you see which ones you want to enter.

What this means is that you should not visit the site expecting to see the prizes typical of large lotteries. If you do, you will probably be disappointed.

Sweepon.com Extras

There are no extras that we could find anywhere on the site.

For a refreshing change, this site gives you only what you can see. There are no hidden frills or surprise features. Instead, the site offers just straightforward chances to win.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

All the draws listed on the site are free to enter. This means that there is no reason for the site to have any payment methods. Which is good because they have none.

The site also does not have any withdrawal methods available. This is because all prizes are delivered directly by the sites that sponsored them.

How to Claim Your Winnings

If you are a lucky winner, the site will notify you of this fact via email. You will then need to confirm your win by clicking a link in the email.

Once you have confirmed your win, the site will hand your details to the sponsor of your prize. They will then be responsible for sending your prize to you.

According to the site, this could take between 90 and 120 days. This is a rather long time to wait for a prize if we are honest.

Customer Support

The site hosts a rather basic FAQ section. It will help to answer the most basic questions, but will not be helpful for much else.

To get proper support, you can contact the site via contact@sweepon.com. Alternatively, you can use the online form available.

The site also says that they are active on Twitter and Facebook. Finally, there is a snail mail address that we are sure nobody ever uses.

Welcome Bonuses/Promotions

You will not find any promotions on the site. This is probably because the entire site is already one big promotion.

There are also no welcome bonuses. This makes sense considering there is no need to register a player account to play.

Rules and Regulations

Each draw has its own rules attached. We recommend reading these to make sure you know what you need to adhere to when entering.

There are only two other rules that govern the site.

The first is that all players must be 18 years of age or older. This is pretty standard, and we are not surprised by this in the slightest.

The second is that the site is only available to residents of the United States. If you live anywhere else, you are sadly not permitted to enter draws on the site.

Sweepon.com Review Conclusion

Sweepon.com does a great job of offering a large number of fantastic draws. These sweepstakes are made even better by the fact that they are free.

The site also looks and functions great, has acceptable rules, and has decent support. All this just adds to why we think you will enjoy it.

The downside to this is the ads and surveys. We understand that these things are how the site pays for all the prizes.

However, there are many other places online that give you chances to win things for free. And many of these don’t require you to complete surveys.

So, if you have some free time and don’t mind watching ads or answering questions, go for it. In that case, we have no qualms about recommending Sweepon.

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