SuperLucky Review 2023

If you know what a comp is, you probably live in the UK and have probably already entered dozens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of competitions throughout your lifetime.

If you don’t know what it is, let us explain. Comps are the UK term for a competition, contest, or sweepstakes.

In this review, we will look at a site dedicated to many different comps in the UK. We will see how the site operates and what you can gain from visiting it.

SuperLucky LogoHow Does Work?

We should probably start by saying that Super Lucky is not like any other free sweepstakes websites you may have visited in the past. In fact, this website is more like a blog than a directory of free competitions.

To use the site, you will need to have a certain degree of investigative skill. This is because there are no posts that outright tell you what prizes are available or where you can enter them.

Instead, you will need to find specific pages that have full lists in table form of what draws are currently available.

This could easily be very confusing, and it could take you a while to find a draw that you actually want to enter.

The great thing is there is no need to register a user account to browse the site or click any of the links available on it.

Once you have found a blog post that actually has the entry links for different comps listed on it, you can simply click on the entry link. This will redirect you to the official website of the brand or company that is hosting the draw. From here, you can follow the onscreen prompts to enter.

Is Legit or a Scam? is a legitimate site. In fact, there is not really anything that you can lose by using the site. This is because all the draws listed are free to enter and, because there is no need to register, you will not need to give any of your personal information to the site.

The only thing that you could get annoyed with is the amount of spam emails you may begin to receive after entering a few draws. For this reason, the site encourages you to create a new email address that you will use just for ‘comping’.

This email address will then be the one that you can use for all competitions and will not affect your primary email should the spam emails become too much. Mobile SiteUser Experience

As we said earlier, you will need a degree of skill in navigating complex websites to use effectively.

To be honest, this is rather annoying if you are looking to quickly find and enter a few free draws. Rather than spending time entering, you will likely spend more time looking for something to enter.

The top menu navigation bar is not of much use, and the site feels cluttered no matter which way you try and spin it.

The biggest issue in terms of the site’s look is the amount of text that you will need to read through just to find out what a page is actually about. Add to this the endless links to different posts and annoying ads that pop up everywhere they can, and this site is not great to use.

Viewing on mobile doesn’t improve the experience. In fact, its cluttered look looks worse on a smaller screen and will leave you feeling even more frustrated.

Lotteries Available

There are no lotteries available on the site. However, we did find one blog post that lists a variety of free lottery websites.

There are also no real prize categories for comps that are posted on the site. Instead, the only categories there are all relate to different types of tips relating to competitions or platforms that these comps occur on. Extras

There are no real extras available on the site. In fact, the only thing that we could see was a newsletter that you could register for.

This newsletter will opt in competition newsletters to keep you up to date on the latest competitions and draws.

We urge extreme caution when registering for this newsletter. We can imagine that you will start receiving a massive amount of spam by doing so.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

The site doesn’t have any payment or withdrawal options. This is not a surprise considering that all the draws on the site are free to enter.

How to Claim Your Winnings

Every draw listed has its own unique rules and policies. As such, each draw's claims process differs based on who the organiser of the draw is.

To find out what the claims process is for the draw you are interested in, you will need to read through the official rules for that draw. It is always best to get to know this policy before you even enter.

Customer Support

A “Getting Started” section on the site explains the basics of what the site does and how comps operate. Further than this, there is no real FAQ section on the site.

There is a contact us section available for if you have any queries. Here, you can submit the provided online form with your question.

Rules and Regulations

There are no stated restrictions on who can access the site. However, considering that the entire sire is targeted to those living in the UK, we believe it is safe to assume that the site will be pointless to visit if you don’t live here. Review Conclusion is a great concept. When we first came across the site, we were truly excited about a site dedicated to UK comps.

Sadly, the execution of the site is severely lacking. From the horrid design to the fact that you need a master’s degree in wizardry just to find a competition to enter, this site is one massive disappointment.

So, if you like reading through endless posts to try and find something to enter, then head over to Super Lucky and get searching. However, if you are like us and like simply being able to browse and enter draws easily, this site is not for you.

In that case, we recommend taking a look at the many other free draw websites that are available.

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